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Eyebrow Highlighter Pencil Eyebrow Highlighter Pencil

Eyebrow Highlighter Pencil

Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Material: Cedar wood with the highest quality lead
  • Double-ended to accentuate your eyebrow arch, cover up hair regrowth, and contour fine lines on the face
  • Shimmer end allows you to highlight arches beautifully and accent your well-manicured brows
  • Matte tip allows you to conceal facial imperfections, cover hair regrowth between tweezing, and subtly accent the eyebrows
  • Dual-ended highlighter pencil helps define your brows
  • Use as a concealer and highlighter for all areas of the face
  • Apply first the matte and then apply the shimmer under the brow bone for extra definition and wearability
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5.6" x 0.4"
  • Weight: 0.025 lb
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4 avg. (14 reviews)

Nice but not nice
08/04/2019 by Janet
Great item. But I will not buy again until something is provided to sharpen this item. Once the product is used to the point of needing to be sharpened, it becomes a useless mess. Love the product, but until there's a way to sharpen it, sadly I won't purchase again. Which is disappointing to say the least.
07/19/2019 by Janet
Loved this product when I 1st got it. But there's no way to sharpen it. Eventually it turned into a big mess. Sharp wood points and mushy eye shadow. The colors and ease in using the product was WONDERFUL in the beginning. But once the eye Creme gets low enough for pencil to be sharpened, it's all done. Soooo sad, as I really loved this item. No sharpener makes it a waste of $$$
Love this BUT.....
06/21/2019 by Janet
I love these colors. I love the subtle texture. However there is no way to sharpen this pencil when color/Creme gets low. I've tried everything and it simply turns into mush with wood charts sticking up. GREAT PRODUCT BUT if there's no way to sensibly sharpen it HOW GOOD IS IT REALLY. Very unhappy with this aspect. MUST SOLVE THIS ISSUE. Or I can't purchase it again. That would be to bad
Great on both ends
05/19/2018 by Susan
Both colors are beautiful. Works under or over other products (foundation, powder).
Works well
05/29/2017 by Deborah
Subtle but effective highlighter. Gotta admit I use it to cover a beauty mark on my cheek too.
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Eyebrow Highlighter Pencil

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Created by celebrity stylist and “BrowGal” Tonya Crooks, this cedar highlighter pencil comes in two shades to complement your unique complexion. Each has two ends—matte (to cover blemishes or hair regrowth) and shimmer. Use shimmer to highlight and accent the arches of your manicured brows while making them look fuller.

The BrowGal

Well-groomed eyebrows can make a huge difference in framing your face. With BrowGal’s eyebrow maintenance pencil, highlighter, and gel, you can have perfect brows every day.

Founder Tonya Crooks has been a stylist to the stars for more than 12 years, earning her the nickname “The Brow Gal.” Her grooming tools and makeup let anyone have celebrity-perfect eyebrows.

The Skinny Pencils are a three-in-one tool—pencil, spoolie brush, and one-turn sharpener. Made with cedar wood and a stiff lead, the pencil puts on natural-looking strokes that look like hair. The built-in sharpener gives a fine point in a few twists. Then the spoolie brush blends color and minimizes buildup.

Use the Highlighter Pencil to bring those brows to life. The matte side covers imperfections and hair regrowth. And the shimmer side accents your brow shape and makes them look fuller.

To finish off your look, the Eyebrow Gel keeps your work in place all day—it’s water- and sweat-resistant. One coat for light hold, two for medium, and three for “you’re gonna go swimming and nothing’s going to move” hold, as Tonya says.

Celebrity status not necessary—no matter who you are, you can always rock your eyebrows. more Their Story

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