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  • 360° Mop 6" Glass Cleaning Pads by The Duop - 1
  • 360° Mop 6" Glass Cleaning Pads by The Duop - 2
  • 360° Mop 6" Glass Cleaning Pads by The Duop - 3
  • 360° Mop 6" Glass Cleaning Pads by The Duop - 4
  • 360° Mop 6" Glass Cleaning Pads by The Duop - 5
  • 360° Mop 6" Glass Cleaning Pads by The Duop - 6

360° Mop 6" Glass Cleaning Pads

Full Details

  • Instructions: Pads should be used damp. Add your choice of cleaning solution or clean with water alone. The cleaning head (not included) has velcro that will attach to the white side of the pads
  • Professional grade microfiber great for windows, mirrors, and other shiny surfaces
  • Great for glass and acrylic surfaces
  • Low pile microfiber weave will not leave textile filaments or lint on the glass
  • Made in China
Low pile microfiber
Hand or machine wash on medium temp, and hang to dry. Chlorine bleach and fabric softener are not recommended for microfiber. Can be washed and reused up to 100 times
Two microfiber pads for cleaning and polishing glass
7" x 7" x 0.35"
0.125 lb

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360° Mop 6" Glass Cleaning Pads

starting at $9.95
These rugged microfiber glass cleaning pads go on your Duop mop and have a lifetime of up to 100 washes. When they’re dirty, just peel them off and toss them in the wash for a fresh start.
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The Duop

This 360-degree mop is less of a mop and of more a multi-surface cleaning workhorse. Duop has a quickball joint that connects the extendable handle to different, interchangeable cleaning heads. The design turns every which way to let you access tight spots and out-of-the-way areas (like baseboards, crown molding, and high windows). There are different microfiber pads for different cleaning endeavors, like dusting, cleaning glass, or scrubbing tiles. When a pad gets dirty, peel it off and toss it in the wash. Microfiber Pads may be used up to 100 times. Reusable Microfiber Pads may be used up to 10 times. A big reason this more-than-a-mop design is so versatile is that Duop’s team asked professional cleaners to weigh in. Depending on the cleaning task at hand, you can leave the handle on or take it off to use the head as a handheld scrubber or duster. And because the mop is self-standing, you don’t have to hang it or prop it up. Duop’s ball-and-joint design—coupled with its reusable microfiber pads—makes it easy to check off all your cleaning chores (floor to ceiling) in one go.
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