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Ceramic Flower Frog Bowl

Ceramic Flower Frog Bowl

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  • Made in Sri Lanka
To clean the inside of the frog put warm, soapy water through the holes. Swish around and flush out with warm water
Put water inside the holes to fill the vase. Place flowers, herbs and more through the holes to display flowers
3" x 11" diameter
3 lbs
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


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Ceramic Flower Frog Bowl

This ceramic flower frog bowl vase makes pulling together flowers quick and fuss-free—with an elegantly-presented finished product. The “frog” holes help blooms stand up and stand out for the easiest flower arranging ever.

The Floral Society

Sierra Steifman, florist and Maker of The Floral Society, saw a shift in the attendance at her workshops—more and more first-timers were trying their hand at floral arranging. This inspired her to come up with an approachable way for anyone to take a stab at floristry. Her beautifully packaged solution is a workshop in a box.

The wreath-making and floral-arranging kits come with must-have tools, like floral tape and the same pro-grade Japanese clippers Sierra uses, along with access to an online tutorial based on the lessons she gives in her own shop.

Want to be a little more hands-off? Sierra’s frog vases make for easy, fuss-free flower presentations. “Frog” holes in the vases help each individual bloom stand up and get noticed. more Their Story