Magnetic Window Cleaner

By The Glider

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Clean the outside of windows with a magnetic cleaner that makes the job safer and easier to do—from the inside. The two part tool uses magnets to reach the outside of windows (with designs to suit different glass thicknesses) or you can use the tool to clean both sides at once. A squeegee and microfiber cloth get things sparkly clean and a safety cord ensures the outside part of the cleaner stays with you in case of a fumble.

  • Materials: Window cleaner: ABS plastic, EPDM rubber, rare earth magnets; Cloths: Microfiber
  • Care: Use the plastic spacer to keep each half separated. Hand or machine wash microfiber cloths on medium temp, and hang to dry. Can be washed up to 300 times
  • Includes: One window cleaner, plastic spacer for storage, two microfiber cloths, one 6’ safety string with ring
  • Instructions: Spray your cleaning liquid along the edge of the window that’s closest to you. Place the two parts of the glider on either side of the window with the smaller piece on the outside. Guide the cleaner across the glass in an “S” shape. Use the cloths for a finishing touch. See full instruction video for more information
  • Features four durable rubber squeegees to clean both sides of the window at the same time
  • Microfiber cloths great for drying and polishing windows
  • Safety string prevents cleaner from falling if magnets detach
  • Please note: Choose the appropriate product version according to your window thickness
  • Made in Israel
  • Dimensions: 2" x 9.6" x 4"
  • Weight: 1 lb

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Best purchase EVER...

6/26/2019 by Lesley

I recently had my house newly stained and did not want soap running down the front of the house from the window washer that you attach to a hose. These windows are on the second floor and I don't do ladders. This was perfect! My windows are clean, I am safe, and the stain didn't get washed away!!!More > < Less


So worth it!

6/11/2019 by Florence

I love my glider. I have the strongest one. I would recommend that one for double pane windows. It makes cleaning windows on the second floor so much easier! I’m using additional microfiber cloths I bought at the store. They only send one set.

And as mentioned before, the magnets are very strong. Be careful!
More > < Less



4/11/2019 by Andrea

I have a 2 1/2 story window with a lovely view of a pond. I was never able to enjoy the view since it was dangerous to clean my window. I don't like hanging out the window for my dear life to clean the outside so I ordered this product in hopes that this was the product that after 16 years would finally keep me safe. I got it and was so excited I cleaned my windows even though it was pouring rain outside. It works beautifully!!!! I plan on using it for some other hard to reach windows that don't open, but will need one of my family members to help make the connection from the other side. Again, great product!!More > < Less


Great idea!

2/13/2019 by Mary

It takes awhile to get the hang of it but it does work! The string is a must..!!


Works well

1/19/2019 by E

I’m on the second floor and needed something to clean my windows with. I grabbed the one with the strongest magnet, for thick glasses and it works well! Just put some cleaning spray on it first, to reduce friction. Totally recommending!More > < Less

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About The Glider

Inside-Out Clean

Glider is a magnetic window cleaning tool that works on the outside of the window without you having to actually be outside—and it can get both sides sparkling clean at the same time, too.

When a family member broke their hand trying to clean the outside of windows, the Tyroler family—who have been in the cleaning industry for 30 years—spent five years perfecting a solution to make this task safer and easier to do. The two part cleaner connects through a window pane with super strong rare earth magnets, so your movements on the inside are cleaning the window on the outside. A squeegee moves cleaning liquid around on the window and you can finish with a polish from a microfiber cloth.

A safety string keeps the outdoor part of Glider connected to you in case of a fumble, which we really appreciated (and used) when we tried it out.