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The Great Scrape
Barbeque Cleaning Tool

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The Great Scrape is an all-natural BBQ cleaning tool with custom grooves that wear over time for a perfect fit with any grill.

  • Coated with an all-natural, non-toxic, food safe mineral oil
  • Food safe — no metal bristles
  • Custom grooves to uniquely fit BBQ grill grates. Heat the grill to high heat and use slow, firm pressure to glide the product front to back on grates, keeping the grooves in the same place each time
  • Works on grill grates that are front to back, straight rail type
  • Woody Nub is great for smaller grills, or for camping and tailgating
  • Woody Paddle provides extra reach to get under warming racks
  • Woody Shovel gives you extra leverage and has length to keep fingers away from the heat
  • Keep out of the direct elements


Leather lanyard for easy hanging and storage


Woody Nub: 16" x 4.75" x 0.75"; Woody Paddle: 18" x 4.45" x 0.75"; Woody Shovel: 20" x 4.75" x 0.75"


Woody Nub: 0.65 lb; Woody Paddle: 1 lb; Woody Shovel: 1 lb


Wisconsin, North American hardwood


Clean by wiping the charred debris off the end with a paper towel or napkin


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The Great Scrape

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