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Latex-Free Heavy Duty Scrubbing Gloves Latex-Free Heavy Duty Scrubbing Gloves

Latex-Free Heavy Duty Scrubbing Gloves

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  • Massage your hands into the glove and the inner waterproof liner will form to the shape of your hand
  • Multi-functional cleaning tool
  • Designed and built to be long-lasting
  • Dual-layer glove with waterproof liner and polyester sponge exterior
  • Made in China
Inner: Cotton-lined PVC; Outer: 500 denier non-porous polyester filament
Rinse thoroughly with hot water after use. Squeeze out any excess water and hang dry. Dishwasher-safe
Small: 12’’ x 3.5’’ x 1’’; Regular: 14’’ x 4.5’’ x 1.5’’; Extra Large: 14’’ x 5’’ x 2’’
Weight (varies)
0.5-1 lb
Small Business Support


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Latex-Free Heavy Duty Scrubbing Gloves

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These commercial-grade scrub gloves transform your hands into total environment cleaning tools. The waterproof liner molds to the shape of your hands and the design allows you to quickly adjust your hand to clean every angle in a variety of environments. Control the level of abrasiveness by the amount of pressure you apply.

The Heavyweight Scrub Gloves

Nathan Mesiti, the Maker behind The Heavyweight Scrub Gloves, created the gloves based on his personal experience cleaning his home. He found traditional cleaning tools to be limiting because he needed a variety of gadgets and rags to get the job done.

The gloves combine the abrasiveness needed to scrub and the agility of your hands to get into every angle while cleaning. And when you’re done, the gloves can be rinsed off, hung dry, and are ready for the next time you need them. Whether it’s detailing your car, tidying up the bathroom, or washing the dog, these gloves can assist in every cleaning project. more Their Story