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The Longest Coloring Book
15 ft Fold-Out Coloring Book

Coloring paper extends to 15 ft · Paper folds up accordion style for portability and storage

Whether you pick the moon or ocean coloring book, you’ll get a continuous 15-foot canvas. It’s a dream for coloring enthusiasts of all ages. Tackle a section at a time or make it a group endeavor—its accordion-like design is easy to open up or collapse.

  • Paper folds up accordion style for portability and storage
  • Coloring paper extends to 15 feet
  • Illustration consists of one continuous design featuring imaginative scenes and creatures
  • Features black and white illustrations over a blue colored background
  • Please note: Coloring pages are single-sided
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15 total coloring pages, final page is adhered to the paperback cover


Closed: 14" x 8.75" x 0.25"; Open: 15' x 8.75" x 0.25"


0.69 lb


100% paper pages, paperback cover


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The Longest Coloring Book

The Longest Coloring Book contains a continuous 15 feet of intricate drawings, taking you on towering journeys into outer space and diving down to the ocean floor. Every foot is unique. You’ll encounter all sorts of interesting sights and characters in your coloring trek. Embark on it alone, or unfold it and turn it into a whole-family affair. Its accordion design makes it easy to tackle a section at a time or spread it out and appreciate its full 15 feet. With such detailed drawings—and so many feet of them!—grownups and kids can get lost in their coloring.

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