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Garden Hole Digging Drill Bit

Creates perfectly round, flat-bottomed holes Fast, easy, and neat No more trowel or shovel
Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: West Point, MS
  • Instructions: Attach drill bit to the drill. Once tightened, pull the drill trigger and while engaged push the tool into the ground to create the hole. For best results, use in tilled soil. For use in untilled soil prepare the soil with water before use. See full instructions here
  • 4 inch bit digs an approximate 4" hole
  • 6 inch bit digs an approximate 6" hole
  • Blade design pushes and compresses dirt down and on the sides of the hole
  • Eliminates the need to deal with extra dirt after planting as with a trowel
  • Drill creates a flat bottomed hole for easy planting
  • Powder coating protects the steel from rusting over time
  • 10% of profits go to the non-profit organization Mountain Child
Powder-coated steel
Store in a dry place. To clean, remove the tool from the drill and clean gently with soap and water. Dry with a cloth
One drill bit attachment digging tool, drill is not included. Compatible with a standard ⅜” household drill, recommended 18 to 24 volt variable speed drill
4 Inch Tool is about 3" in diameter and has a 7" shaft. 6 Inch Tool is about 5" in diameter and has a 12" shaft
4 Inch Tool: 7" x 3" x 3"; 6 Inch Tool: 12" x 5" x 5"; Optional Extension: 25" x 1" x 1"
4 Inch Tool: 1 lb; 6 Inch Tool: 2 lbs; Optional Extension: 1 lb
Made in the USA


4 avg. (64 reviews)

I'll find some use for it
08/07/2019 by Craig
It works very well on flower pots or any other location with a loose peat and perlite mixture or similar, e.g. what one could easily do just by using one's hand but, for natural soil it's a non-starter unless using a commercial rated corded drill and at that, expect to wear the soil away instead of moving it out of the way. It looks cool though so I'll find something to use it for.
08/05/2019 by Cathy
I was so disappointed and did not pay enough attention to the reviews especially the one about the maxbit going only so far in the ground. This is exactly what happens - if the soil is the least bit moist it gets clogged. Great concept.
Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
07/17/2019 by Tom
I absolutely love this device, and I am so glad I bought the extension with it! Even with rocky soil and broken pieces of concrete in the mix, a good power drill will make this device dig like crazy and spit the rock out of the hole. The extension means I don't have to lean over or kneel down to obtain this result, and that's really good new for my back. I would recommend this to anyone who has a garden to plant. It's a life saver.
Great gizmo
06/26/2019 by Sue
Makes it easier for me to dig using my hand drill despite my arthritis.
06/26/2019 by Gale
Keep your money. The worst $50 I ever spent. Digs about 1 inch and then quits. Can not dig through the clay or top soil. Might dig in yogurt? A $50 ornament on my shelf.
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Garden Hole Digging Drill Bit

Garden Hole Digging Extension  +$24.95

Creates perfectly round, flat-bottomed holes Fast, easy, and neat No more trowel or shovel
Fit this garden hole digger onto your power drill to dig faster and easier—and neater—than a shovel or trowel. The Made in the USA, powder-coated steel bit has angled blades that create a perfectly round, flat-bottomed hole to fit standard 4” or 6” potted plants. The drill bit compresses soil into the sides and bottom of the hole, so there’s no mound of dirt left over.


The idea to create a garden hole digger came to Maker Michele Morton when she was helping folks in her community plant their gardens. She made The MAXBIT drill attachment to do the digging job quickly, easily, and more neatly.

The patented curved angles of the bit compress dirt into the bottom and sides of the hole, resulting in a perfectly round, flat-bottomed hole each time. This compressing action eliminates the pile of dug-out dirt for you to deal with when you’re done. The bit and its extension piece fit on most common power drills, and are made in West Point, Mississippi with ultra-tough steel that’s powder coated to prevent rust.

The MAXBIT works in tilled or untilled soil, and makes holes to fit standard 4” or 6” potted plants. With the power of a drill doing the digging, planting a garden is easier—and faster—than ever. more Their Story

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