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Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler

Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler

Shake to peel Shell slides off Time-saving kitcher helper
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Made in the USA: Marlborough, CT
  • Instructions: Simply fill the cylinder with quarter cup of water, add the egg, and snap on the top cap. Shake the Negg in an up and downward motion with enough force so that the egg strikes the top and bottom caps. After about 4-12 shakes you will be able to easily slide the egg out of its shell
  • Easy snap-on top and bottom
  • Clear body that allows the user to follow the progress of the egg
  • Fits comfortably in one hand for ease of use
  • Please note: Do not use with hot eggs. Let eggs cool under ice bath or in the refrigerator before use
BPA-free plastic, acrylic
Hand wash with soap and warm water
One egg peeler, instructions, and recipe leaflet
2.88" diameter x 3.75"
0.25 lb
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4 avg. (1144 reviews)

A let down
11/28/2019 by Martha
I was so excited about this but doesn't really work like its stated... I'm back to peeling the egg a little at a time.
Egg peeler
11/26/2019 by Gary
Love it
Not worth the money
11/19/2019 by David
I purchased one for myself and two to give as gifts. After using the device I realized I could crack the eggs on the counter for a similar outcome and save the cost of the purchase. Save your money for a more useful Grommet item.
Not helpful.
11/18/2019 by Jeff
I returned this product as it did not make peeling hard boiled eggs easier.
Works great!
11/12/2019 by Lawrence
It takes a little practice to get the hang of this peeler but once I figured it out, I love it!
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Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler

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Shake to peel Shell slides off Time-saving kitcher helper
This hard-boiled egg peeler gets the shell to slide off like butter with just cold water and some shakes. It’s a simple solution to a dreaded kitchen chore.


Peel an egg without pulling your hair out.

Cold water and some shaking is all it takes for this hardboiled egg peeler to work. It’s a Made in the USA kitchen hero that conquers a dreaded chore sleekly.

Maker Bonnie Tyler signed up to bring deviled eggs to a party and—after a failed attempt at peeling—showed up with a bag of potato chips instead. After some prototyping and research at her local library, she cracked a solution.

Bonnie combined the elements of industrial peeling (i.e., vibration, movement, and water) to create something small, portable, and easy to use at home. That’s how The Negg was hatched. She even managed to get it manufactured in Connecticut, her own backyard.

Now you can de-shell your eggs with just cold water and a little bit of effort. more Their Story