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Smart Piano Bench Smart Piano Bench

Smart Piano Bench

Full Details

  • For use in conjunction with the ONE App-Connected Smart Piano
  • Handle with care
  • Made in China
Polyurethane, wood
21" x 13" x 5"
12 lbs


No one has reviewed this product yet! No one has reviewed this product yet!

Smart Piano Bench

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A bench to go seamlessly with your smart piano. Play away.

The ONE Music Group

This isn’t just a smart piano, it’s also a patient, effective teacher.

Sync it up to your smart devices. LED light-up keys integrate seamlessly with an on-screen keyboard to give you step-by-step and hand-by-hand instructions.

There’s a library of videos and digital sheet music to choose from. You might kick off this new vocation by learning the crowd-pleasing, very-practical “Happy Birthday” and then transition into more complex favorites.

Like any understanding teacher, The One Piano will match your pace. Unsure of what note is being played? Touch the screen to play the sound and watch the corresponding key light up. Feel like the class is moving too quickly? Pause, rewind, or slow down at any point in the lesson.

You can learn to play on a keyboard or a more traditional-looking piano. And, when you’re not honing your piano skills, you can stream music on The One Piano and use it as a speaker.

The connected experience is intuitive and easy to understand, whether you’re a kid or grownup. Practice makes perfect—and this piano makes the practice part super inviting. more Their Story