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Bluetooth Padlock Bluetooth Padlock

Bluetooth Padlock

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  • Materials: Stainless steel, plastic, lithium polymer battery, rubber
  • Includes: Padlock, 2 RF/NFC wireless enabled cards, 1 FOB, charging cable, and quickstart guide
  • Bluetooth + RF/NFC-enabled Padlock allows you to open the lock with your smartphone, FOB, or included RF/NFC cards
  • Made of durable die-cast zinc alloy
  • Internal rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 2 years on a single charge
  • Easy to use for all ages
  • "Safetech" app is available in both iTunes & Google Play
  • Works with smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Standard micro-USB cable to charger included (can be plugged into any USB power supply)
  • Dimensions: Lock: 3.78" x 2.37" x 1.30"; Padlock Shackle: 0.27" D
  • Weight: 0.53 lb.


4 avg. (13 reviews)

difficult to find places to work
12/19/2016 by andy
I love the lock and how it works with Bluetooth or card to open. I have not found a place it will work yet. I belong to YMCA and to a locker rental at our running club and the shank is too long and will not fit either locker. Very disappointing since that is why I bought it. Maybe it will work to lock my bike.?
So convenient
07/01/2016 by Scott
The Quicklock padlock is so easy to use and baffles people when they see it unlocked. Just a great padlock and no key to lose!
doesn't work
02/10/2016 by Mary
I've followed the directions and tried everything it offers to open the lock and no luck. Battery is changed so no clue why "motor" won't work. Have emailed the company for support and am waiting for an answer. Very expensive not to work.
never forget
02/08/2016 by Mary
I have so many locks and no clue the codes to open them. This is great because the cards and tag that come with it as well as my smart phone all unlock it. I use it at dog shows to lock the grooming supplies overnight. No more remembering where I put the combination. I always have my phone with me so it's a simple unlock without fidgeting with the dials.
Bluetooth padlock
01/24/2016 by Barbara
Works all right with the provided cards and key tag. I assume that if I got more than one of these padlocks, I'd have to put a different identifying mark on each padlock's cards and keytag. I have not tried using the app with the padlock. Easy to charge, but there's no indicator to tell when it's fully charged, so you have to go by the directions.
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Bluetooth Padlock

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No more need to remember a lock combination. The Quicklock uses keyless technology to unlock your bike, shed, or anything else. Use the app or, if you’re not a smartphone user, the package includes a fob and two credit card-sized keys.


Is there anyone who hasn’t forgotten a combination lock code? Luckily, Quicklock has come to the rescue.

This innovative padlock opens with your smartphone (via Bluetooth), a fob, or a key card. Use Quicklock on a shed or a fence or to lock up your bike or to use as a locker at school or the gym.

Made with die-cast zinc alloy, it’s durable and weather-resistant.The rechargeable battery lasts for up to two years, too (depending on how often you use it).

Unlocking via the app is so simple. Press a button on Quicklock—the app syncs up to your phone. Just press "Unlock" on your screen. Click―the lock opens.

Not a smartphone user? Quicklock works for you, too. It includes two credit card-shaped keys and a fob that use NFC (Near Field Communication). Hold one near the lock and it opens.

Founder Ryan Hyde has been inventing, designing, and modifying groundbreaking products for more than 20 years. He decided to focus his attention on a safe gun storage system and, after years of effort, created Quicklock. (Of course, this lock works for many other situations, too.)

No more combinations or keys—enjoy the security and simplicity of Quicklock. more Their Story