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The Scruffer™
Pet Dish & Bowl Scrubber

Get tough on leftover, stuck-on food and gunk with a pet bowl scrubber made to wipe it all away. This stainless steel mesh “cloth” is a long-lasting, natural way to target grime so pets can chow down in a cleaner way—without using your sponge.

  • Assists in removing food residue buildup in your pet's bowl
  • Removes stubborn bioslime, bacteria, and food particles
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to sponges
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Made in China


6" x 8" x 0.13"


0.32 lb


Stainless steel


Dishwasher safe. Clean with soap and hot water


The Scruffer™

It's no surprise The Scruffer™ was born in the kitchen sink. Makers Gefen Laredo and Helaine Kaskel were sick of battling the combination of food residue, drool, and even dust and hair that built up in pet bowls. Also important to the duo was finding a sponge-free way to clean up. Chainmail proved to be the unlikely but effective solution. This stainless steel mesh metal “cloth” scrubs dried-up food away in an all-natural, long-lasting way. There’s no risk of worn sponge bits lingering in a pet’s bowl or anything else, for that matter. Now pets can eat cleaner, and your clean-up work is easier too.