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The Smart Steamer Lid
Silicone Steam Lid

Reduces risk of burning · Slowly steams · Dishwasher safe

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$12.95 – $26.95


The Smart Steamer Lid turns your saucepan or pot into a steamer. By slowly cooking with steam, you are less likely to burn your food. The lid helps retain the nutrition and natural taste of what you're cooking. Perfectly prepare a variety of items including meat, rice, and vegetables.

  • Lid turns your saucepan or pot into a steamer
  • Use when preparing meat, rice, or vegetables
  • Great introduction to cooking with steam
  • Retains the nutrition and natural taste in the food you're cooking
  • Reduces the risk of burning food because everything will be cooked on low heat
  • Allows for more even cooking. For example, more juices will be left when cooking meat and rice will be prepared perfectly
  • Made in China
Sustainable Living


One or two Silicone Steam Lids. Does not include pot or lid


8": 1" x 9" diameter; 10": 1" x 10.10" diameter


8": 0.29 lb; 10": 0.43 lb


Silicone LSR


Dishwasher safe


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The Smart Steamer Lid

The Smart Steamer Lid was created by Gordon Smart after a chef roommate piqued his newfound interest in cooking and the science behind it. Gordon admits that he had “zero culinary skills” growing up and so when he had a professional, cooking with him, he knew there was a lot to learn. It was a chicken tikka masala dish that really sparked his interest in flavors and how to retain them. He went on to study the science behind cooking rice and that led him to create this silicone lid that turns your saucepan into a steamer to preserve nutrients and food’s natural flavors, all while reducing the amount of energy needed while cooking.

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