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The Smokist™
Smoking Pouch & Wood Chips Set

Adds natural smoke flavor to food · Stainless steel pouch · Reusable and versatile and work with any grilled foods

A smoking pouch and wood chips set is the solution to smoky-tasty grilled foods. The durable stainless steel pouch is filled with the included mesquite, apple, or hickory wood chips. As the pouch heats, chips smolder white smoke, infusing food with flavor without extra effort.

  • Made in Cartersville, Georgia
  • Instructions: Fill the closable smoking pouch with the included wood chips and place it on the cooking grate of a hot grill. The smoldering wood chips within the smoking pouch will fill the interior of the grill with flavor-imparting smoke. The pouch will smoke for 15-30 minutes
  • Each bag yields 7-10 uses in the smoking pouch
  • Adds natural smoke flavor to your food
  • Wood chips are dried to optimized moisture content for smoking
  • Smoking pouch is made of durable, non-rust steel
  • Pouch works with wood pellets as well as wood chips
  • Please note: Do not touch any part of the hot smoking pouch when in use as you may risk burning yourself. Discoloration may occur after first use
Made in the USA

Mesquite wood chips:

Best with beef, pork, or fish. Mesquite has the most distinct and unmistakable flavor and aroma. Mesquite can be overpowering with excessive duration of smoke

Hickory wood chips:

Best with beef, chicken, or pork. Hickory has a richer, nutty flavor and aroma. It is almost appropriate for anything smoked

Apple wood chips:

Best with fish and chicken. Apple has a mild, fruity flavor and aroma. It is also great for cold-smoking cheeses

Pouch capacity:

1-1.5 cups of wood chips (approximately 15-21 cubic inches)


Three bags with 160 cubic inches (11 cups) each of wood chips (one mesquite, one apple, and one hickory), and one smoking pouch


9" x 9" x 12"


6 lbs


Wood chips: mesquite, hickory, and apple wood chips; Smoking pouch: 100% stainless steel


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The Smokist™

The Smokist comes from Georgia grillmaster and woodworker Randy Branch. An expert in creating the perfect wood aroma, Randy channeled his talents into designing a compact and long-lasting smoker for the grill. The Smokist works on any grill, even sm…

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