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The Smokist™
Wood Chips for Smoking Pouch

Adds natural smoke flavor to food · Reusable and versatile and work with any grilled foods


Smoker wood chips are the not-so-secret ingredient to tastier grilled food. The Smokists’ dried wood chips come in mesquite, hickory, and apple flavors that subtly infuse grilled dishes with new flavor. The chips are reusable and versatile and work with any grilled foods, from meat to fish to veggies.

  • Made in Cartersville, Georgia
  • Instructions: Ignite wood chips in a grill or smoker to produce flavorful smoke
  • Each bag yields 7-10 uses in the smoking pouch
  • Adds natural smoke flavor to food
  • Wood chips are dried to optimized moisture content for smoking
  • Package contains enough wood chips for multi-use
Made in the USA


One bag with 160 cubic inches (11 cups) of wood chips


7" x 11" x 4"


(varies) 1.48 - 1.77 lbs


Mesquite, hickory, or applewood


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The Smokist™

The Smokist comes from Georgia grillmaster and woodworker Randy Branch. An expert in creating the perfect wood aroma, Randy channeled his talents into designing a compact and long-lasting smoker for the grill. The Smokist works on any grill, even sm…

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