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The Ultimate Toy Car The Ultimate Toy Car

The Ultimate Toy Car

by Modarri

Full Details

  • Materials: BPA-free ABS plastic, metal alloy head screws and caps
  • Care: Wipe with clean, damp cloth
  • Recommended for ages 6+
  • Every piece fits on every car—swap parts to design your own cool vehicles
  • With each car, you can create 5 unique builds
  • Real steering & independent front and rear suspensions
  • Finger driven—reacts to the movement of your hand
  • Car components: Metal frame, hood, fenders, soft cushioned seat, floor pan, chassis, steering system, front & rear suspension, super grip tires with designer rims
  • Quickly take apart your cars and reassemble with included hex tool—retained socket head screws won't get lost
  • Dimensions: Car: 5" x 3.5" x 1.5"; Box: 7.75" x 8.5" x 3.25"
  • Weight: Car: 0.22 lb.; Box: 0.6 lb.


5 avg. (5 reviews)

Great Gift for my Grandson
02/14/2019 by Beverly
Really great learning toy.
12/30/2018 by David
I purchased this product for a very young great nephew - he loved it and put it together right away. I ordered another right away! Impressive product!
6 year old loved this
11/18/2018 by Spencer
My friend's 6 year old son immediately determined that he could put the car together himself - and he did. Her almost 4 year old wanted mom to help. Both boys (and their mom) loved these cars.
4 & 6 year old boys love them
11/18/2018 by Spencer
All the positive reviews that I read prior to buying were exactly on the mark - great toys.
Just AWESOME response.
09/12/2017 by Elizabeth A
I ordered 4 cars for the birthday of my 3 yr. old grand nephews. When they arrived one car had been left out and a duplicate car replaced it. I had to mail gift right away but i ordered the missing car to be sent directly to CA and then sent Grommet a message making sure the car was in stock. I didn't even ask for a refund. In less than one day I received a message and they apologized, credited my account, and shipped car. Amazing customer service. AND, the twins, whom I feared might be too young for cars, ADORED them, as did their father and 9 year old sister. I opened the box before I shipped these and can confirm that they are beautiful, well crafter, seriously great cars. And when the replacement Cameo car arrived, their dad pronounced it was my favorite. Always great items at Grommet!
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The Ultimate Toy Car

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Modarri Cars are a new line of beautiful toy cars modeled after Italian supercars and designed to inspire creative, hands-on play. Drive them with your fingers and discover their real steering and suspension, soft grip tires, and EZ Grip body. Each car has a modular mix and match design allowing you to create 5 unique builds.


Modarri cars are the ultimate toy car, built by three auto enthusiast dads with more than 60 years in the toy industry. They modeled Modarri after Italian supercars, with sleek design, working suspension, and responsive steering. Kids power, steer, and stop using a single finger, experiencing the real mechanics first hand.

Durable and interchangeable, Modarri cars are easily taken apart and reconfigured. All of the parts can be mixed and matched between models. With the included hex tool, you can customize your ride into one of thousands of possible looks.

Precision design and soft grip tires offer a tight turning radius. Make some figure eights or wheelies. Race against your friends. Then change up your car’s look.

Makers David Silvergate and Brian Gulassa went all in on the debut product from their company, Thoughtfull Toys. The detail and deliberation they put into Modarri cars make them unique, stylish, and fun. These gorgeous cars are ones kids will love exploring and parents won’t mind having around. more Their Story

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