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  • Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass by The NEAT Glass - 1
  • Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass by The NEAT Glass - 2
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Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass

Full Details

  • Instructions: Pour liquid to the widest point of the glass diameter or 1.5 oz of liquid, swirl the glass, hold level, and smell at center of the rim plane for characteristic aromas without alcohol
  • Divergent rim causes alcohol to dissipate over the glass away from your nose
  • Wide bowl promotes swirling to enhance aromas
  • Short glass height makes it easy to get nose closer to aromas
  • For drinking alcohol spirits neat, not for iced or mixed drinks
  • For use with all spirits
  • Glass holds up to 2 oz of liquid
  • Made in Slovakia
Lead-free European crystalline glass
One Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass
Top rack dishwasher safe
3.1" diameter x 2.6"
0.38 lb

5 avg. (128 reviews)

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Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass

starting at $13.95
Encourages the aroma to open up · For drinking alcohol spirits neat
This carefully developed spirits glass (created after years of research and prototypes!) was made to showcase whiskey, bourbon, gin, and other spirits. The unique design encourages the aroma to open up while eliminating nose burn from alcohol vapors, so you can enjoy every delicious, nuanced flavor.
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Also from The NEAT Glass

George Manska and Christine Crnek

Whether you’re an occasional gin or tequila sipper, or a die-hard whiskey aficionado, using this specially-designed spirits glass makes a significant difference. The NEAT Glass' eye-catching design is 100% functional, carefully created by application of scientific principles to let spirits shine, so you can enjoy all subtle flavors and nuances. The wide swirling bowl powers aroma evaporation and the flared rim enhances all aromas for easy detection by diffusing nose-numbing ethanol over the rim edge. Nose-burn and nose-blindness prevalent with tulip shaped glasses is completely eliminated. NEAT is the Official Judging Glass of over 30 major international spirits competitions every year, since 2012. Over 133,000 spirits have been judged in NEAT, and over 35,000 medals awarded for quality. NEAT showcases the true quality of every spirit, and educates you to the true flavors and aromas of your favorite spirit, so you can discover true flavor. NEAT is an indispensable aid to cultivating your passion for any particular spirit. And we think that’s worth drinking to. Discover your true spirit
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