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Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass

Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Materials: Lead-free European crystalline glass
  • Care: Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Instructions: Pour liquid to the widest point of the glass diameter or 1.5 oz of liquid, swirl the glass, hold level, and smell at center of the rim plane for characteristic aromas without alcohol
  • Includes: One Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass
  • Divergent rim causes alcohol to dissipate over the glass away from your nose
  • Wide bowl promotes swirling to enhance aromas
  • Short glass height makes it easy to get nose closer to aromas
  • For drinking alcohol spirits neat, not for iced or mixed drinks
  • For use with all spirits
  • Glass holds up to 2 oz of liquid
  • Made in Slovakia
  • Dimensions: 3.1" diameter x 2.6"
  • Weight: 0.38 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (104 reviews)

Whisky glass
10/07/2019 by Linda
Increases the whisky experience
bought once for us/now as a gift
08/26/2019 by Mary Anne
My husband likes his so well, I bought 2 to give to a friend who really enjoys tasting. I expect he'll love it, too.
Excellent product
07/08/2019 by Shirley
Definitely enhanced the flavor of the whiskey
My Dad is Obsessed
07/02/2019 by Jayne
I work for The Grommet, and I gave my Dad four of these glasses for Christmas and he is obsessed. He now won't drink scotch out of any other glass and loves to take them out when he has company.
Great glass
06/30/2019 by Jack
Great glass
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Aroma-Enhancing Spirits Glass

This carefully developed spirits glass (created after years of research and prototypes!) was made to showcase whiskey, bourbon, gin, and other spirits. The unique design encourages the aroma to open up while eliminating nose burn from alcohol vapors, so you can enjoy every delicious, nuanced flavor.

The Artisan NEAT Glass

Whether you’re an occasional gin or tequila sipper, or a die-hard whiskey aficionado, using this specially-designed spirit glass makes a big difference.

The Artisan NEAT Glass does what traditional glassware doesn’t. Its eye-catching design is actually quite purposeful. It was carefully created (and went through 52 revisions) to let spirits shine, so you can enjoy all the nuanced flavors.

The wide swirling bowl helps the aromas evaporate and open up, and a flared rim gives alcohol the space to dissipate away from the nose. This also eliminates nose burn, which is when your sense of smell gets numbed by alcohol vapors that are too close to your nose (and that seriously dampens the drinking experience).

With this glass, you can elevate an occasional drink or a cultivated passion for a particular spirit. And we think that’s worth drinking to. more Their Story