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No-Slip Thin Headband No-Slip Thin Headband

No-Slip Thin Headband

Made in the USA

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  • Care: Hand rinse only in cold water and dry
  • Wear towards the front part of your head near the hairline to maintain no slip design
  • One size fits all adults
  • Fits kids ages 5 and up
  • Dimensions: 0.38"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb.
Made in the USA


4 avg. (43 reviews)

Pretty, but it slipped on my head/hair
10/26/2018 by Cynthia
In my youth I wore headbands and don't remember them slipping. Now that I'm 70 and have let my curly-ish hair grow out again I was hoping a simple headband would help me control my "Einstein" hair. But this headband, just like the ones I purchased locally, starts slipping towards the crown of my head as soon as I let go of it. I've even tried securing it with bobby pins and other kinds of clips but with no luck. Maybe it's just that my hair is thinner and less coarse so it just doesn't provide the grip that my younger hair did. But, my granddaughter likes it!!
Not worth the money
07/25/2018 by Ann
just ok, but expensive
Very cute!
05/16/2018 by Cindy
Love this little band, fits my five year old granddaughter well and doesn’t slip off.
01/03/2018 by Kay
I have a problem with these style headbands gradually slipping upward on the back of the head. Was hoping this one would be different. No luck - slips the same way as all others.
A Girl's Dream
12/04/2017 by Nancy
Our girl will love the colors, sparkle, and the fact that it stays in place.
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No-Slip Thin Headband

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Headband with 360 degrees of elasticity creates this no-slip design.

Sparkly Soul

A corporate lawyer, triathlete and marathon coach, Dari Passarello isn’t one to sit by the sidelines because her headband wasn’t comfortable. Instead, Dari took matters into her own hands and designed an athletic headband that works as hard as she does.

Vibrant, glittery Sparkly Soul headbands are bright and tight—but not so tight that you get a headache or snag your hair. The headbands won’t slip off, no matter how intensely you’re exercising, and they’ll keep your hair off your face during sports and fitness activities. They’re made in the U.S. and come in two different widths, thin and wide. You can wear one by itself or double up for a different look.

For running, walking, dancing, yoga, Pilates, cycling and even a night out on the town, a Sparkly Soul headband takes your mind off your ‘do so you can enjoy what you’re doing. It fits tight, feels right, and looks dynamite. more Their Story

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