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Compact Reading Glasses Compact Reading Glasses

Compact Reading Glasses

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Optical-grade polycarbonate and titanium alloy
  • One pair of glasses and carrying case included
  • Made with flexible titanium alloy bridge and shatterproof polycarbonate frames
  • Unique Flexgrip technology allows glasses to fit onto any face shape
  • Comfortable, independent-suspension nose pads prevent pinching
  • Thin and minimalist design perfect for wallets, purses, or pockets
  • Adhesive-backed case easily attaches to phones, cabinets, or laptops
  • Great for work, travel, leisure, and on the go
  • +1.50 covers +1.25 to +1.75
  • +2.00 covers +1.75 to + 2.25
  • +2.50 covers +2.25 to +2.75
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Glasses: 4.5" x 1"; Case: 3.75" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.125 lb
Independent Maker


4 avg. (339 reviews)

had high hopes
12/05/2019 by Di
The concept is great—glasses compact and light enough to carry with you at all times. The case is great and can be attached to your phone. I gave these as gifts. The claim is that they are very durable. That may be true of the frames, but NOT the nose pieces. One recipient's broke twice! The Grommet has great customer service and did replace them, however, now mine are broken too and not even a year old. It would be great if the nose pieces could be molded into the frame as one piece, which may make them less susceptible to breaking. Because of this, I would not buy again.
thin optics review
11/02/2019 by PAUL
I love these glasses! have a pair I carry in my wallet with the case to read the menu and bill before signing, and have a set next to my easy chair for reading the fine print.
So convenient. . .
11/01/2019 by Roxann
I use these at the salon.. glasses get in the way . . .
It broke :(
10/31/2019 by Diane
Super idea, but the nose piece broke off. Not sturdy enough.
Great product
08/17/2019 by Sarah
These glasses answer the needs of quick and convenient.
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Compact Reading Glasses

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These durable reading glasses are as thin as two credit cards, easy to have on hand, and tough to leave behind. More compact and convenient than foldable reading glasses, this design has been pared down to just the lenses and bridge. They sit comfortably on your nose and stay there. When you’re done, slide them into the ultra-slim carrying case, which attaches to your phone or stays in your wallet, drawer, or glove box.


ThinOPTICS reading glasses are so compact and convenient, keeping them on hand is a no-brainer. Even better than foldable reading glasses, this pair has been pared down to just lenses and a metal bridge. They’re super thin and light—weighing less than a nickel.

Don’t let the small scale fool you, though. These glasses are tough. The lenses are made with the same shatterproof material used in bullet-proof glass, and the bridge is made from Nitinol—a metal ten times more elastic than spring steel.

For reading, the design sits low on your nose and stays put, thanks to Flexgrip technology. Check text messages, peruse a menu, or read prescription labels. When you’re done, slide these readers into their super slim carrying case. It attaches to the back of your phone or fits in a wallet, jacket pocket, glove box, or anywhere else.

Now you’ll always be able to see when you need to. more Their Story