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  • Tie Down Straps - Set of Two by WRAPTIE™ - 1
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  • Tie Down Straps - Set of Two by WRAPTIE™ - 4
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Tie Down Straps - Set of Two

Tackle many jobs—from the simple to the tough—with a heavy duty tie down strap built to handle up to 110 pounds of wrapping and securing. There are different lengths to suit your task, and the quick-grab end lets you connect multiple straps. Industrial-grade webbing is durable and flexible (and made in part from recycled plastic bottles) and hook and loop fasteners let you tie down and secure your stuff in one easy step.

  • Instructions: Always inspect your straps before use to make sure they are in good condition. Tie down with the "hook" fastener on the inside to keep straps cleaner and reduce picking up of fluff in the hooks. The minimum overlap is three times fastener sections. If in doubt use a longer strap
  • Features industrial-grade elastic webbing and knitted polyester high-strength webbing
  • Hook & loop design allows you to simultaneously tie down and fasten items
  • Fast-grab end easily grabs any fixed point for secure hold
  • Rolls up tight for easy and neat storage
  • No metal buckles or hooks to scratch or break
  • Please note: Use caution when joining two straps together and make sure to assemble correctly, this connection is not intended to be as strong as the original strap. Not designed to be used as a lifting device


Two tie down straps rated to hold up to 110 pounds


4 ft Strap: 6" x 1" x 2"; 6 ft Strap: 7" x 1" x 3"; 8 ft Strap: 7" x 1" x 4"


4 ft Strap: 0.17 lb; 6 ft Strap: 0.24 lb; 8 ft Strap: 0.31 lb


Hook & loop fastener: Nylon; Orange webbing: Recycled PET; Black elastic webbing: Polyester, recycled PET, rubber


Always keep the tie down straps clean to ensure maximum performance. Do not use near sharp edges. Keep away from sources of heat and naked flames



WRAPTIE™ heavy duty tie down strap easily moves between everyday and extra-tough jobs. From your bike or car to camping and moving, the super-strong strap comes in different lengths and can handle up to 110 pounds of whatever you want to secure. Which is pretty remarkable, considering it's partly made with recycled plastic bottles. Co-Founder Mark Blackburn is passionate about pollution. So he and fellow engineer Paul McNeill use recycled plastic bottles along with other durable new materials to make WRAPTIE™. The multi-purpose tie down strap is lightweight, a little stretchy, and crazy-strong. It creates a secure hold as it wraps, thanks to a fast-grab end that easily anchors, or can be used to connect two straps. All that wrapping and securing strength—made easy to use with hook and loop closures—rolls up neatly when the job is done.