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Speaker Pole & Ground Stake Speaker Pole & Ground Stake

Speaker Pole & Ground Stake

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  • Instructions: Connect the ground stake to one of the eight inch pole sections. Push the pointed end of the stake into the ground until it is secured. Do not attempt this step when more than one eight inch pole section is connected as that may cause it to break. Attach additional eight inch pole sections until desired height has been met. The total height is four feet when all five pole sections are being used with the TikiTunes mounted. Add the threaded adapter to the last pole section. Install the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker by screwing the unit on to the threaded adapter
  • Adjustable, allows you to change height from 8" to 40"
  • Great for parties, bonfires, camping, gardens and more
  • One year limited warranty
  • Made in China
One ground stake, five pole sections, one threaded adapter
2.86" x 0.38" x 5.50"
0.4 lb
Small Business Support


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Speaker Pole & Ground Stake

Mount your Tiki Tunes speaker on an adjustable pole to enjoy music wherever you want it. It’s the perfect way to take playlists inside or out, from picnics and pool parties to romantic nights in.


TikiTunes Maker Rock Smeja wanted a speaker that looked as good as it sounded. That's why this ambient LED speaker is easy on the eyes as well as the ears.

The first thing you’ll notice is the soft, flame-like flickering the speaker-meets-light casts. It deftly disguises its function as a portable, water-resistant speaker that can supply a soundtrack for up to six hours on one charge. Want to turn things up even more? Pair two TikiTunes for a stereo-sound experience that works outside—think poolside, patio, or backyard—and that does the mood-setting job just as well indoors, too. more Their Story