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WFan Wearable Portable Fan

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Powerful fan operates hands-free
  • Lightweight design features flexible arms
  • Quiet fan has three speeds
  • Rechargeable lithium battery lasts for over 300 uses
  • Please note: Long hair must be secured up and away from fan-heads. Product is not waterproof, avoid wearing in wet conditions
  • Made in China
Body: ABS; Arms: Silicone & iron; Fan blades: Polypropylene
Wipe clean as necessary. Be careful to avoid charging port when cleaning
One WFan and USB charging cable
Place fan around neck, hold button for 5 seconds to turn on. Tap on the bottom to change speeds, hold button down for 5 seconds to turn off. Always turn the fan off before removing
7.3" x 1.4" x 10.6"
0.4 lb
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (42 reviews)

It doesn’t work!!
09/10/2019 by Delta Burke
I was SO excited about this item! Especially with our unbearably hot weather . I have charged this thing for days and it still won’t come on! I’m very upset & frustrated as I really needed this.
Pretty Good
09/07/2019 by Helen Kelly
Love the ease of use. Imagine it will be excellent on warm days. Too bad it can't be refrigerated because It doesn't really help when outside on really hot days. Also...I was very disappointed to read that the battery cannot be recharged or replaced-this feature seems contrary to what I expect from The Grommet. I do not want to buy "throw away gadgets.
Terrific fan!
08/23/2019 by Renee
I got this to use when I take my granddaughters to the pool. Keeps me "cooler" while they swim which is just what I needed.
Ideal Personal Space Fan
08/23/2019 by Calvin
I love it! I'm impressed with the velocity of the three speeds. So far, low is sufficient for my needs, which surprised me since I don't deal well with heat and humidity. I'm also quite pleased with the quiet. Wearing it, the unit may seem noisy, but it's a white noise to which I easily became accustomed. Taking it off and laying it on the desk in front of me, which would only be about 30" from where it would be on my neck, and there's absolutely no sound. I've yet to wear it in a meeting, but assume that no one in the room will hear a thing, except me. The only disappointment is the limitation of not being able to replace the battery and knowing that it will wear out.
08/20/2019 by Barbara
Bought this for my daughter who has hot flashes, and she also uses it when using the riding mower to mow the grass. Very, very, useful in hot Texas! She loves this, and I absolutely recommend it !
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WFan Wearable Portable Fan

This portable rechargeable fan is a breath of fresh air. Hands-free, lightweight, and quietly powerful, it’s the perfect way to keep your cool—for sports, gardening, or soaking up the sun. With two fans, three speeds, and a flexible, bendy design, it’s easy to stay breezy.

Time Concept

Time Concept’s portable rechargeable fan makes staying cool a breeze. With two fan heads—boasting five blades each—it produces a refreshing air flow that you can position to hit right where you need it.

The fan rests on your neck hands-free, so you can keep your cool while working in the yard, walking the dog, camping, or doing whatever else is on your active agenda. Pro tip: put the fan on first, then turn it on. (Ditto for taking it off.) The fan is bendable so you can best target that cooling comfort and with three speeds and a USB-rechargeable battery, you can enjoy a just-for-you breeze for up to six hours per charge. more Their Story