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  • Ergonomic Oyster Shucker by Toadfish Outfitters - 1
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  • Ergonomic Oyster Shucker by Toadfish Outfitters - 3
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Ergonomic Oyster Shucker

Full Details

  • Materials: Blade: Stainless steel; Handle: Post-consumer recycled plastic; Optional Cut-Proof Shucking Cloth: 28% high-strength polyester, 62% stainless steel wire, 6% polyester, 4% elastic cord
  • Care: Dishwasher safe. Wash and sanitize after each use. Store in a dry safe place. Use two 2.5 mm Allen wrenches to tighten the handles as needed. Optional Shucking Cloth: Machine wash and lay flat to dry
  • Instructions: Use with Cut-Proof Shucking Cloth for maximum safety. Insert shucker into back hinge of the oyster. Use a side to side rolling motion to pop open the shell from the hinge. Continue the side to side rolling motion along the edge of the oyster. Remove top shell
  • Ergonomic thumb print handle design minimizes hand slippage making shucking safer
  • Bent blade design creates pivot point to easily open oyster shell from the hinge
  • Sharp edges at tip of the blade cut oysters out of the shell with ease
  • Full tang construction provides maximum strength and durability
  • Great for shucking raw and steamed oysters
  • Optional Cut-Proof Shucking Cloth is puncture-resistant and anti-microbial
  • For every product sold, Toadfish plants 10 square feet of oyster habitat
  • Please note: Use only as directed. Blade is sharp, keep away from children. Shucker is not designed for opening raw large "rock" Gulf Coast oysters
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 7'' x 1.25" x 1.25''
  • Weight: 0.3 lb


Sustainable Living

Ergonomic Oyster Shucker

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Ergonomic Oyster Shucker
Ergonomic Oyster Shucker
Optional Oyster Shucking Cloth

Optional Oyster Shucking Cloth

This oyster shucker makes a tough job easier and it gives back to the ocean, too. The stainless steel blade extends fully into the handle for boosted durability and has a bent tip that provides the perfect pivot point to crack open the shell. An ergonomic thumb print on the sturdy recycled plastic handle gives you a firmer grip. Pair with the optional cut-resistant shucking cloth, and you'll be ready for an oyster feast.
Sustainable Living

Toadfish Outfitters

The shrimp deveiner, oyster shucker, and shucking cloth from Toadfish are built to handle seafood better and make prep jobs easier—which fits perfectly with Maker Casey Davidson’s South Carolina location and his team’s passion for preserving coastal habitats.

Toadfish gives back to the ocean in a big way by replanting 10 square feet of oyster beds for every tool sold and by recycling not only oyster shells, but their tools, too. As coastal populations continue to grow, so does the amount of pollution and run-off created. Oysters help to filter ocean water and their efforts are more important now than ever.

The three-in-one shrimp cleaner makes deveining, peeling, and butterflying much easier and much less messy. The stainless steel blade does the three jobs in one single motion. The oyster shucker shares the same full tang style blade and recycled plastic handle and has a bent tip that makes the shell-opening job an easier one. Grab the shucking cloth to get a better grip on that shell and to better protect your hands. It’s cut-proof, puncture-resistant, and anti-microbial.

The quality of the tools speaks to Toadfish’s commitment to making it easier for folks to enjoy seafood, and their commitment to coastal areas shows how much the sea means to them.