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2-in-1 Toilet Plunger & Brush

2-in-1 Toilet Plunger & Brush

Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

Full Details

  • Doubles as a squeegee brush for an easier, more hygienic clean
  • No-touch caddy holder for easy access and storage
  • Features durable, water-repellent stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Made in China
Handle & caddy: 100% ABS plastic; Plunger/dredger head: 100% TPR ; Handle pole: 100% stainless steel
Flush under running water, as needed
One ToiletShroom with matching no-touch caddy
Insert head at a 45 degree angle and push back and forth several times until the clog is cleared
29.5" x 4" x 4"
0.88 lb
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


3.5 avg. (11 reviews)

09/27/2019 by Kenneth
Works great no matter what the design of the toilet bowl
A disappointment
08/22/2019 by Peter
Did not breakup a blockage as well as a traditional plunger. I would not purchase this item if I had this foreknowledge.b
Great Product
08/17/2019 by karen
I have used this product 3 times. It is absolutely wonderful, easy to use and works without using too much energy to do it.
Not as good as expected
08/08/2019 by Maxine
The part that connects with handle should be stiffer. It’s kind of not strong enough to really clean. My old-fashioned Walmart-type brush was stronger than this and much more effective.
Toilets broom the Best
07/28/2019 by Lynne
Works exactly as advertised. Excellent!
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2-in-1 Toilet Plunger & Brush

A toilet plunger that’s sleek, streamlined, and keeps your pipes happy. The combination plunger and bowl cleaner makes unclogging an easier endeavor with less splashback. Just push or pull it to clear out clogs. The one-handed design stores in an included no-touch caddy, too.


The toilet plunger was long overdue for an upgrade, and it fits that Maker Solyman Najimi and the team behind TubShroom were perfectly suited to tackle the task.

ToiletShroom has a minimalist design that keeps things flowing. Its one-handed functionality relies on an angled push-pull action—rather than the straight up-down plunger motion—that sidesteps drippy splashback. It doubles as a bowl squeegee when the unclogging’s all done. An included no-touch caddy keeps this two-in-one tool tidily out of sight, but easily on hand, tucked away next to the toilet. more Their Story