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Compact Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

by TOKK™

Full Details

  • Instructions: Power on by holding the on/off button for a couple of seconds to turn on. Adjust volume and skip songs directly from the panel. View manual.
  • True stereo (left and right) sound
  • Each speaker magnetically attaches to one another for convenient carrying
  • Magnets allow you to attach speakers to your refrigerator, car, or any other metal surface
  • Compact design can fit in your pocket
  • Microphone enables calls and access to smart assistants such as Siri and Google Now
  • Also functions as a remote camera shutter
  • Made in China
Plastic, magnets, electronics
Two speakers, user manual, lanyard, micro-USB 2-in-1 cable
(each) 1.78" x 1.78" x 0.9"
0.09 lb

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Compact Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

by TOKK™


Stereo sound experience · Halves pair up for for easy portability · Magnetic, compact design
These compact Bluetooth speakers deliver powerful stereo sound in a magnetic, travel-ready design. An easy-to-carry ball separates into two speakers—magnetized so they can quickly set up on any metal surface. Great at home or perfect for on the go.
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TOKK™ Makers Charles Speidel and Adam Fairless are focused on getting the best out of tech, which makes their Bluetooth speakers and smart back-up charger stand out. The portable magnetic speakers are configured in a spherical design that connects for easy travel and separates to create a stereo sound-like experience, just about anywhere. A built-in mic makes them compatible for making phone calls and using digital assistants, too. Rugged and durable, they’re great for the beach, camping, or anywhere you want superior audio. For your smart devices like a phone or tablet, the charger backs up data automatically, every time you plug in for some power. It picks up from its last backup, so no photos, contacts, or other files get lost.