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Plant-Based Wrinkle Releaser Spray

Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: Dallas, TX
  • Chemical-free, plant-based formula is safe on skin and clothes
  • Please note: Use only as directed. On fabrics which may water spot, test a hidden portion first. Keep out of reach of children. If eye contact occurs, rinse with water
Plant-based surfactant, distilled water, natural quality control agent, linen fragrance
For best results, store at room temperature
Hang clothing and mist all wrinkles front and back. Shake, smooth and tug the fabric to flatten the wrinkles. Let dry completely before wearing
Original: 9.5" x 2.5" diameter; Value: 9.5" x 3.25" diameter; Travel: 4" x 1.25" diameter
Original: 1.1 lbs; Value: 2.1 lbs; Combo: 1.4 lbs; Complete Set: 3.4 lbs
Made in the USA


2.5 avg. (5 reviews)

09/10/2019 by Sydney Clemens
I'm sending back my Iron in a Bottle; it is not an easy way to avoid ironing, and for some fabrics it's not at all smoothing. Perhaps I'm using it wrong, but I'm frustrated enough to send it back...first thing I've sent back to Grommet...If others have different experience I'd like to hear details.
No results.
09/09/2019 by Al
I have use this product twice on the same cotton shirt and there have been little to no results in reducing the wrinkles. I have followed the directions my shirt does not look like the one in the picture.
Amazing product
09/08/2019 by Susan Shay
This product actually works. I've used wrinkle resistant sprays before and they don't work. But, this product is amazing. I sprayed it on a new shirt that was totally wrinkled from packaging, and all the wrinkles literally fell away. This is my new "go to" iron. Great product.
Real cost saver
09/08/2019 by Ouida Fritschi
I used the spray on a pair of khaki pants that had remained in the dryer too long. I follow the directions to spray til damp, shake out and then pull garment vertically and horizontally. It worked like a charm. When I used it on newly unpackaged sham cover, I had already placed the cover on a pillow so I did not shake it out and pulling on it was not as effective had it not been on the pillow already. It was not as effective as with the pants. My fault. I am thrilled with the money we will save sending garments to the dry cleaners to be laundered and pressed (so I don’t have to pull out the iron). Will now carry it with us when we travel to smooth out clothes that have been packed.
Wasted $30.00+
09/04/2019 by Wanda Bodebuck
Was looking forward to using this on a cruise (as well as at home). Totally useless! Have tried on all fabrics from flannel, cotton and polyester. Usually have very good luck with Grommet products. Not this time!
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Plant-Based Wrinkle Releaser Spray

This plant-based wrinkle release spray is here to help you look your best. The alcohol-free formula is safe on most fabric (no harsh chemicals here) and spares you from grappling with an iron or steamer. Great for wardrobe prep in advance or on the go. Made in Texas.

Tom & Sheri's Iron in a Bottle

Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle is a family remedy made for sharing. CEO and founder Austin Eudaly named it after his parents, who not only provided a lifetime of support, but introduced him to wrinkle release spray thanks to mom Sheri’s own formula. Austin relied on it through college and into his professional career, then realized that others could benefit as well.

Made in Dallas, Iron in a Bottle is a fine-tuned version of the natural spray Sheri created to give up ironing. Efficient and effective, it’s safe on most fabrics and carries a light scent. A plant-based surfactant allows fabric fibers to relax, so after a few sweeping sprays, you can gently smooth, tug, and un-wrinkle any pesky creases. Perfect for prepping your wardrobe in advance or toting in your bag to polish up on the go. more Their Story