USA Beer Cap Trap

By Torched Products

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Keep track of all your favorite beers, geographically. The Beer Cap Trap is a laser-cut, wooden wall map of the U.S., with holes made to display the caps of memorable brews from all across the country.

  • Made in the USA: Tampa, FL
  • Material: 0.25" Baltic birch plywood that is UV-resistant
  • Each map includes pre-drilled holes to easily hang the map on your favorite wall
  • Holds 93 caps
  • Does not come with caps
  • Dimensions: 24" x 16" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 1 lb
Here’s how to cap off your favorite beverage.

About Torched Products

Art & Crafts

Keep track of all your favorite beers and create a conversation piece in the process. Torched Products creates laser-cut wooden maps (called Beer Cap Traps) with pre-bored holes for bottle caps. Hang the map, plug in the bottle caps from your favorite brews, and pretty soon, you have an atlas of beer.

Oddly enough, the Beer Cap Trap was invented by a cigar aficionado. David Sabot was opening a beer with a cigar clipper when the cap got stuck. The visual gave him the idea of a beer cap storage board (and a way to display his bottle cap collection).

Today, David’s company makes beer cap maps for all 50 states and one of the whole USA as well. And that’s exactly where they’re made, too, in Tampa, using hand-selected, UV-treated Baltic birch plywood.

Express your love of beer . . . in all caps.