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  • Automatic Sealing Smart Trash Can by TOWNEW - 1
  • Automatic Sealing Smart Trash Can by TOWNEW - 2
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Automatic Sealing Smart Trash Can


Full Details

  • Instructions: On first use, plug in the power adaptor and turn the power on. Once can is fully charged, hold the touch button on the front of the can until you hear two beeps, indicating it is now ready for use. A full charge will take about 10 hours. You can safely use your TOWNEW trash can while it is charging
  • Thermoplastic sealing technology automatically seals the trash bag, preventing spilling or exposure to any bad odor
  • Infrared sensor detects movement from up to 13.7” and opens the lid automatically
  • Self-changing design adds new bag when trashed is removed
  • Bag can be sealed even when trash is overfilled
  • Please note: Do not force the lid open when sealing
  • Made in China
ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), electronics
Spot clean as needed
One trash can, four removable refill rings (25 bags per ring), one power adapter and user manual
4.09 gallons
Rechargeable battery lasts for up to one month on a full charge. Full charge takes 10 hours
9.4" x 12.2" x 15.8"
7.3 lbs

4.5 avg. (24 reviews)

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Automatic Sealing Smart Trash Can


starting at $119.95

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This product cannot be shipped to a PO box.
Opens automatically · Seals and changes the bag · Helps contain leaks and odors
An automatic-sealing smart trash can contains messes neatly and efficiently. Infrared sensor opens the lid and an overload sensor alerts you to potential spills. The can holds up to 25 bags at once in a refillable ring and automatically seals a full bag for you, too—which means less odors and less work for you.
Small Business Support


TOWNEW's smart trash can is for busy people like Maker Matthew Xu. In the rush of everyday life, Matthew sometimes wished he had an extra helping hand and he wanted to create a solution to make trash can-related chores more manageable. Matthew began by making this can do a lot of the work automatically. It uses a refillable bag ring that keeps up to 25 bags fitted inside. An infrared sensor pops the lid open when you approach it, and a push of a button seals the bag inside. If the bin detects an overloaded situation, it will seal the bag itself to prevent leaks. Not only does this trash can make life a little easier, it also helps keep odors and messes neatly contained. By doing some of life’s dirty work, it frees up some of your time to spend doing what you really want to do.
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