Anti-Slip Shoe Traction Solution

By Traction Up

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Add traction to your step, thanks to millions of nano-sized spikes. You apply this non-toxic shoe grip solution to your soles. It dries into a grippy-but-clear surface that you won’t notice is there and reduces the likelihood of slips and falls in boots, flats, or high heels.

  • Materials: 98.72% water, hydrochloric acid, alkaline sulfate, chlorine, fluoride, magnesium chloride, oxalic acid, ammonium bifluoride, hydrofluoric acid
  • Includes: 16 oz of traction-adding solution for up to 8 pairs of most shoes, boots, or heels, and instructions
  • Instructions: Note that a plastic container or lid is required for application. Clean and dry the soles of the shoes. Shake bottle for five seconds. Remove cap from bottle and pour liquid ⅛” high into plastic container or lid. Place footwear in solution for 12-24 hours. Remove shoes and rinse soles under water for two seconds to deactivate bonding process. Use the remaining solution to treat an additional pair of shoes if desired, or reserve in another container for future use to treat one additional pair of shoes. To dispose of the solution, pour the solution down a sink with running water. Reapply every three months or when traction has noticeably decreased
  • Lasts three months with normal use
  • Solution is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and 100% Biodegradeable
  • Adds up to 200% more traction to shoes
  • Repels dirt and debris from shoe soles
  • Caution: The solution is over 98% water, use caution when treating shoes that can be ruined when exposed to water. Make sure the solution is only touching the sole of the shoe and cannot seep into the shoe material
  • Made in Canada
  • Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 8"
  • Weight: 1 lb

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Worked Great on all my families footwear!

10/25/2018 by Steph

Got this product as a gift from my husband last April. I decided to try my husbands running shoes first - treated them for the 12 hours and12 hours and was so surprised with added grip the product gave his shoes.

I then treated our child's 2 sets of shoes at once - again I left for the 12 hours and the same thing happened. Our little girl loves the extra grip.

I was then convinced to try them on my shoes. I first treated my running shoes and I can feel the added grip. I then treated 2 pairs of my high heels and there is a huge difference in grip!

We still have 1/2 the bottle left and will retreat all the shoes over the winter.

Thank you!
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I tested this

3/8/2018 by Jules

I was an internal tester for Grommet. I put Traction Up on two pairs of shoes. One is a pair of heavy duty sneakers that I wear for stair training on slipper granite steps at the Bunker Hill Monument. So far so good! Secondly I applied Traction Up to a pair of hiking boots I wore everyday for a two week rigorous hike in Patagonia. There were wet conditions at times and lots of steep rocky climbs. I had no falls, slips or near misses. I am declaring this a big success. Thank you Traction Up.More > < Less


Traction solution

3/8/2019 by Steve

The product seems to work fine but getting 8+ applications didn’t happen for me. Maybe if you had baby shoes you’d get 8+ but for me I got 2.More > < Less


Use the whole bottle at once

9/6/2018 by Molly

I did a first round using half the bottle for two pairs of shoes and the grip is great. A week later, I then used the rest of the bottle for two more pairs and there is no grip at all. So, maybe the solution quickly expires after opening? I'd buy this product again but would try to use it all at once.More > < Less


Doesn't work at all.

5/7/2019 by Thomas

Would give it 0 stars if I could. I followed the directions exactly and it did nothing to increase the traction of the shoes. I even tried again and left the shoes in the solution for much longer and still no increased traction. The first time I went out to test them I almost slipped and fell. I don't usually leave negative reviews but I felt this is a safety issue and people should be aware. A total waste of $30.More > < Less

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Heels to boots, this gives your soles traction.

About Traction Up

Shoe Grip

Boost the traction on your shoes by adding thousands of invisible nano-spikes to your soles.

This invisible shoe grip solution is non-toxic and extra grippy. And it works on virtually any kind of shoe, from boots to flats even to high heels.

To add this layer of traction, first clean and dry your soles. Then apply the solution and leave it on until it dries (anywhere from 12 to 24 hours). You’ll feel the extra grip, even when you walk on surfaces that are wet.

Whether you’re walking, running, dancing, or hiking, this concealed formula is an easy, low-profile way of staying safe when you’re on your feet.