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Excel Travel Perfume Atomizer Excel Travel Perfume Atomizer

Excel Travel Perfume Atomizer

by Travalo

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  • Made of 98% recyclable materials
  • Care: Pump alcohol to rinse
  • Provides up to 60 sprays
  • Refillable. Simply remove cap from perfume and pump into the Travalo
  • Prevents spills
  • Aircraft-safe. Under the 3 oz limit. Appropriate for both carry-on and checked luggage
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 0.75" (each)
  • Weight: 0.04 lb (each)


4.5 avg. (85 reviews)

pleasantly surprised
12/05/2019 by Barb
This is a very clever device, and it works surprisingly well. Once I re-read the instructions, filling the reservoir was as easy as described, but I haven't yet determined how long a full 'charge' will last. It will be nice to travel without having to worry about my perfume bottle leaking ever again!
11/01/2019 by Rick
Wonderful for travel. Didn't fit one particular spray bottle !
Not universally useful
10/31/2019 by Lisa
I wish I had payed more attention to the description to what I thought was the perfect solution for taking my favorite perfume on overseas travels. This atomizer only works with standard-top perfume bottles. My fragrance of choice comes in a weirdly-shaped (slanted star) bottle, and there was no way I could connect the atomizer to my bottle to transfer the perfume. Sadly this item has been sitting on my dressing table for months, as I don't want to toss it. But as I only wear this one fragrance, I'm pretty much out of luck.
i love this
08/22/2019 by pravina
this is useful when I go out
This worked great
08/01/2019 by Karen
Easy to fill and seems to spray perfectly. We'll see how it wears.
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Excel Travel Perfume Atomizer

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Pocket-sized, refillable travel perfume atomizer spray bottle.


Traveling with your favorite perfume is always a gamble. Will it break in your suitcase? Leech into every article of clothing you packed? Get confiscated by the TSA because the bottle is too big?

Travalo takes away the worry. It’s a pocket-sized perfume atomizer, not much bigger than a lipstick tube, and it’s designed specifically for travel. The inventor, Carmit Tordjman, thought of all the little details that make it work so well. She used her engineering background to create a compact pump and spray mechanism. Her Genie-S refill port, which is inspired by a refillable cigarette lighter, is really ingenious. You simply insert your perfume’s aerosol nozzle into the Travalo’s refill valve and apply downward pressure, pumping until the Travalo is full. No messy funnels required!

Travelo comes in two styles that are easy to stash in a purse, toiletry kit (for men, too), carry-on or checked luggage. Excel is a classic model in a great range of colors. Put an end to perfume spills and keep yourself fresh and fragrant, even on the go. more Their Story

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