Olive Oil Gift Box - Set of 5

Olive Oil Gift Box - Set of 5

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  • Ingredients: Carolea olives
  • Includes a gift box with five 500 ml tins of each oil flavor: Primo, Early Harvest, Signature Estate, Lemon Infused, Chili Pepper Infused
  • Cold-pressed, extra virgin oil
  • Picked, pressed, and poured in Italy
  • Family owned and operated production
  • Not diluted
  • Made in Italy
  • Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 5"
  • Weight: 5 lbs. Flavor Profiles:
  • Primo: The olives are pressed before they begin to ripen, creating a green, robust, and peppery oil
  • Early Harvest: Made from olives when they begin to ripen, this oil is slightly sharp with a golden-green color
  • Signature Estate: Made from riper olives, which creates a golden oil with a smooth buttery flavor
  • Lemon Infused: Adding crushed, fresh lemons grown on the estate along with ripe olives creates a beautifully balanced oil with citrus flavor
  • Chili Pepper Infused: Made with Calabrian-grown Chili Peppers, this oil has a slight kick for those who like a little heat
Independent Maker


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Olive Oil Gift Box - Set of 5

This olive oil gift set lets you enjoy pure, delicious olive oil delivered straight from the grove. The extra virgin olive oil is made in Italy with Carolea olives that are grown, cold-pressed, and poured at the same location to ensure it’s always fresh and never diluted.

Joe Maruca

An olive oil gift set is always a (delicious) win, and when you can trace the oil back to the grove in Italy it came from, it’s even better. Tre Olive is all about making better olive oil.

They’ve been hand-picking Carolea olives in Southern Italy for generations. And to ensure the purest, best oil, they cold-press it and package it at their own mill.

Cousins Michael, Joe, and Diego Maruca are the ‘tre’ behind Tre Olive. They are carrying on the oil-making family tradition, and they want to share their passion, too. So you can adopt an olive tree to learn more about their history and the oil making process—and then reap the tasty benefits straight from the grove.

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