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Ultra-Thin Compact Treadmill


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  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, plastic housing, steel engine
  • Care: Before cleaning your treadmill, make sure that its cord is unplugged from the outlet. Clean the treadmill with a soft and damp cloth, using water or other basic cleaners. Make sure the damp cloth is fully wrung out and there is no residual water or liquid
  • Includes: One treadmill, Allen key, two lubricant bottles, two metal disks, manual
  • Instructions: Move toward the front of the machine to speed up. Stay in the middle of the belt to maintain a consistent speed. Slide toward the back to slow down. With handlebar collapsed, the speed limit is 3.8 miles per hour. When the bar is in use, runners can go up to 5 miles per hour
  • Infrared technology and electromagnetic strips track user’s feet to adjust speed accordingly
  • Collapsible hydraulic hand bar adds stability
  • Do not use on rugs or carpet
  • Touch-free LCD screen shows the basics: time, steps, and distance
  • Compact motor is quiet at just 6 decibels
  • Works optimally for workouts up to 60 minutes and may be used for a total of 100 minutes at a time
  • Speed: 0-5 mph
  • 220 lbs weight limit
  • Please Note: Not intended for serious speed training. Keep out of reach of children
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 55" x 25" x 3.8"
  • Weight: 64 lbs

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Ultra-Thin Compact Treadmill


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Lighter, thinner, and smaller · Fits under a sofa or bed · Squeeze in a walk or light jog
Squeeze in a workout in just about any space. This compact treadmill is thinner, lighter, and smaller than the typical ones, so it’s easy to pull out and stow away. Use it on hard surfaces only—no rugs or carpet. It also goes button-free by using infrared stepping technology to track your body’s position and make the treadmill start, stop, and adjust speed. Hit up to five miles per hour (with the bar up) when you’re walking, jogging, or using it as a walking desk.
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Treadly Maker Ronen Chen was feeling cooped up. A move from California to New York—in winter—had him missing the ease of just stepping outside to get some exercise, and his apartment wasn’t large enough for a treadmill. Cue Ronen’s light bulb moment to make a scaled-down treadmill that can fit in pretty much any space.

Treadly is thinner, smaller, and lighter than a traditional treadmill. It weighs in at 64 pounds and is just over two feet wide and three and a half inches thick, which makes it easy to pull out for workouts and slide away (like under the sofa) when you’re done. Use it on hard surfaces only—no rugs or carpet.

Along with delivering on convenience and accessibility, Treadly streamlines operation by going button-free. Infrared stepping technology tracks your foot position on the belt to start and stop and adjust speed up to five miles per hour, perfect for a light jog.