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TrueChallenge Magnetic Puzzle Game

Spin, twist, and scramble to solve · Invented by a rocket scientist · Magnets attract and repel

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TrueChallenge is a spinning, twisting, scrambling, puzzle-solving good time. Invented by a rocket scientist, the puzzle toy employs STEM skills by using magnetic forces to attract and repel its pieces. Your mission? Get it all to attract to solve the puzzle.

  • A STEM toy designed for kids and adults to enjoy
  • Twist the puzzle until all magnets are attracting to win
  • The Pro TrueChallenge Magnetic Puzzle Game's monochromatic pieces make it more challenging to solve the puzzle
  • Spin, twist, and scramble the different pieces
  • Magnetic forces attract and repel pieces, which makes the puzzle more difficult to solve
  • Made in China




One Original or Pro TrueChallenge Magnetic Puzzle Game


3.25" x 3.25" x 3.25"


0.5 lb


Plastic, metal


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