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Turbo Pot
Rapid Boil Tea Kettle

Boils quickly · Stainless steel · Ergonomic handle

Highly conductive aluminum fins at the base of this quick boil kettle increase the heating surface area and promote better heat transfer to boil water faster than a traditional kettle can—at around seven minutes. This award-winning design saves you time and uses energy from a gas stove more efficiently.

  • Rapid boiling is effective only when used in conjunction with gas stoves or open flame cooking
  • Highly-conductive aluminum fins increase surface area for maximum heat transfer
  • Boils water 30-50% faster than traditional flat-bottomed tea kettles
  • Can heat kettle of water in under 7 minutes
  • Consumes up to 40% less fuel when using
  • Spout opens with lever for easy pouring
  • Whistles to alert you that water is boiling
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Please note: For use with gas stoves or open flame cooking only
  • Made in China
Sustainable Living


2.5 qts


One Rapid Boil Tea Kettle


9" x 9" x 10"


3 lbs


18/10 stainless steel


Dishwasher safe

Please note effective 6/17, all orders will be Final.

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Turbo Pot

The quick-boil kettle and pot from Turbo Pot save you time and gas stove energy by doing the boiling job super fast—like, 30-50% faster than usual—thanks to a unique design that was tested (and is now used) in restaurants. The base of the kettle and pot are where all the quick-boiling action comes from. Highly conductive aluminum fins increase the heating surface area throughout the base of both and better absorb heat from a gas stove burner. This gets water to a boil much faster than a traditional flat-bottomed kettle and pan—the kettle clocks in at around seven minutes—reducing heat-up time and lost energy. The team at Turbo Pot turned to restaurants to test out this award-winning design, who then added the kettle and pot to their kitchens. Now you can enjoy the same quick-boiling tools as the pros.

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