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Kid-Friendly Archery Set Kid-Friendly Archery Set

Kid-Friendly Archery Set

Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Made in the USA: Cornelius, NC
  • Quiver Bag and Extra Arrows available separately for purchase
  • Archery set includes one bow, two matching arrows, and one laminated 13" x 19" bullseye target
  • Durable bow made with cushioned foam grip
  • Lightweight, soft-tipped arrow head
  • Designed for outdoor use only
  • Recommend for ages 6+; adult supervision required
  • Caution: Keep arrow away from eyes; arrows not meant to be shot at another person
Bow: Plastic piping, foam handle, string; Arrows: Foam tip covered in 100% cotton cloth, plastic zip tie, and wooden dowel rod; Bullseye: Paper, laminate coating
Wipe with damp cloth
Bow: 38" x 7" x 1"; Arrow: 24" x 2.5" diameter
Bow: 0.29 lb; Arrow: 0.08 lb
Made in the USA
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


5 avg. (5 reviews)

two thumbs up!
01/06/2020 by merrily
Grammie and Grandpa scored this Christmas with our gift to our 4 grandson's ages 8, 7, 6, and 6 years old. Well constructed and so safe even with the little cousins around. Congratulations to the two bros on a job well done.
These were a hit with my nieces!
12/20/2017 by Alicia
I bought these for my nieces, ages 9 and 6, and they were a big hit! I actually gifted these a year ago and they STILL use them. They were quite proud to show me the targets they had set up outside--so cute! It's nice that the tips are so soft that they can be used indoors during cold months. Great product!
Hand/Eye strength
02/16/2017 by Deborah
I got this for my four-year old grandson, and he and his five-year old brother love it! It's easy enough to play with in the house, and even better outdoors. It promotes great hand-eye coordination, and arm strength, as well as it being safe and fun to use. Great gift!!
Loved it
01/14/2017 by Lauren
Everything Santa brought required charging for hours before use but not this! Out of the box, it was immediately fun and safe. Our 5 year old lived but so did our 20 something nieces and nephew. Great fun!
Best Christmas present !
12/30/2016 by Andrea
My 4 yr old boy prefers this toy to Any of the other toys he got for Christmas. He is not even interested in the robot grandma got for him.....all he wants to do is play with this set.
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Kid-Friendly Archery Set

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Two young brothers are the inspiration behind kids archery sets for outdoors lovers like them. The Made in the USA kit includes a bow, two matching arrows, and a bullseye target. The stuffed, soft-tipped arrow is gentle for little archers, so they can’t poke themselves—or each other—when they work on accuracy, distance, or create their own bow and arrow games.

Two Bros Bows

Young brothers Duncan and Hayden wanted to recreate the archery scenes they loved from the movie "Brave." With some help from their mom, they designed their own kids’ archery sets.

After developing their first bow and arrow prototypes, Two Bros Bows made a small batch to sell locally. It quickly sold out and the two young entrepreneurs decided to grow their business. Their Made in the USA sets are now ready to get kids everywhere interested in archery, and parents will appreciate that this pastime develops hand-eye coordination while playing outdoors.

The arrows and bows are hand-assembled and have rustic, unfinished quality. It honors their roots as a kid-made creation, and is definitely part of the appeal. The stuffed, soft-tipped arrow is gentle for little archers, so they can’t poke themselves—or each other—but can still shoot up to 30 feet.

Kids can take aim at targets or stage imaginary battles with this charming set made by two brothers just like them. more Their Story