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2-in-1 Rubber Broom

2-in-1 Rubber Broom

Independent Maker

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  • Instructions: Pull dirt, debris, or liquids away from the surface you would like to clean
  • Rubber creates static charge that works to lift dust, dirt, lint, and hair
  • Handle length can be adjusted
  • Squeegee great for use on windows, showers, car windshield and more
  • Made in Israel
100% natural rubber, metal
Rinse with water to remove dirt and debris off product
Broom brush and handle
13" x 2.4" x 2"
1.83 lbs
Independent Maker


3 avg. (23 reviews)

Best-est Broom Evea!
12/04/2019 by Gaye
I've had my rubber broom 4-evea so long I can't even remember where I bought it! Lol The rubber on the sweegy side is finally about to tear off because I have been abusive to it for so long. I have used it for so many things it's my go to for anything. I was getting sad waiting for the rubber to completely fall off but I've been coddling it for awhile & it's only torn from it's corner about 4 or 5 inches. However, running across this one is what I call a "God Thang". He's always looking out for me AND it's on sale!!! WHAT??? Oh, that means I can buy 2 for outside the house!!!! YEAH MAN! Woo hoo
11/01/2019 by Brenda
This broom is even better than expected. And it’s so great that it can be washed. A real winner
Handy tool
11/01/2019 by elizabeth
Our three dogs, a black lab, terrier-mix and a half Anatolian Shepherd/half Great Pyrenees, love to run but are very content to lay on our rugs in the den and sleep. This perfect broom has been a godsend. It's so handy to scrape up all the dog hair in little piles. Then hubby comes along with the vacuum and sucks it all up. How cool is that?!
09/06/2019 by Marianne
Flimsy handle comes apart during use and does not pick up or even gather cat hair from the carpet
Not for me
08/07/2019 by Mary ann
I had a very difficult time getting the handle pieces to fit together. Finally accomplished that task and started sweeping my carpet (I have a golden who sheds sheds sheds!! And I need to sweep the rugs before vacuuming). After 3-4 sweeps the broom head came off the handle. I repeated. Same thing happened. Had a neighbor check to ensure it was attached properly. It was. Tried again with the same results. I guess if using on floors it is good. Just not what I needed
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2-in-1 Rubber Broom

One rubber broom does two essential around-the-house clean-up jobs. Natural rubber bristles attract pet hair, dust, and dirt like magic (it’s actually static), even on carpet. Flip it over to use the squeegee on dirty windows, shower doors and more. It has an adjustable handle, and the broom head rinses easily to keep it as clean as the surfaces it works on.

Tyroler Bright Tools

Dan Tyroler and his family have been working to create smarter cleaning solutions since 1993. They’ve flexed their expertise to come up with a broom built to better tackle pet hair, dust, and dirt. The fix? Natural rubber bristles that attract it all with static.

We were delighted to see how effectively the broom worked on carpet, a notoriously stubborn spot for pet hair to collect. Done with dry sweeping jobs? Flip the broom over to use the squeegee side to clean things like windows and shower doors. When the cleaning is done, the broom rinses clean, so none of the debris gets stuck in the bristles. more Their Story