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Uber Chill XL Personal Mini Fridge

Uber Chill XL Personal Mini Fridge

Independent Maker

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  • Instructions: Switch between "Hot" or "Cold" on control panel as desired. Keep a minimum of 12 inches on every side of the fridge to allow for proper venting and circulation. This will allow optimum cooling and warming
  • Mini personal fridge holds up to twelve 12 oz cans or nine 500 ml bottles
  • Cooling capacity: 40º-45º Fahrenheit below ambient temperature
  • Warming capacity: Up to 150º Fahrenheit
  • Great for bedroom, dorm room, office, nursery, car, boat, or RV
  • Made in China
Plastic housing, metal cooling compartment
Wipe down interior and exterior with damp cloth as needed
One Uber Chill XL mini Fridge, 110V 50-60 Hz power cord for US outlet, 12V power cord for vehicle power source, built-in AC/DC transformer
External: 13" x 13" x 14"; Internal: 9" x 8" x 10"
8 lbs
Independent Maker


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Uber Chill XL Personal Mini Fridge

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This personal mini fridge combines style and function in one scaled-down appliance. Warm or cold, enjoy food and drinks either way with dual settings and storage for up to twelve cans. Its sleek, retro shape draws attention but takes up little space under a desk or on a countertop.

Uber Appliance

Uber Appliance solves the common frustration of keeping something warm or cool without access to a full-size oven or fridge. The mini fridge-meets-warmer is portable and compact, yet roomy enough to hold up to twelve cans. Dual settings let you pick cool or warm, which is not only ideal for food and drink, it’s also a handy way to maintain temperature for things like medicine and breast milk.

The fridge works especially well wherever convenience is key and space is tight. It plugs into an outlet for countertop or work space use, or into a vehicle power source, like in a boat or RV, so you can take the cooling (or warming) on the go. more Their Story