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Stovetop Steam Grill - Metal Cover

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This stovetop steam grill hybrid not only cooks food faster, it also preserves its essential nutrients, while giving it that delicious, lightly-charred flavor. Uchicook is made in Sanjo, Japan, a city with a 200 plus year legacy of metal crafting.

  • Instructions for use: Place Uchicook on stovetop, preheat, and place food inside. Once grilling is complete, add water to the ridge surrounding grill and cover with lid to trap steam inside
  • Can be used over direct flame, IH, or any other source of high heat
  • With lid, cooking time is shortened to 1/3 standard time
  • Thick base plate distributes and retains heat evenly
  • Steaming and grilling simultaneously prevents food from being stripped of its essential nutrients
  • Allows for healthy cooking without oil
  • Ribbed plate drains excess grease
  • Non-stick diamond fluororesin-coated surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean
  • Durable aluminum alloy body is heat-resistant up to 482° Fahrenheit
  • Handles are heat-resistant and stay cool in temperatures up to 284° Fahrenheit
  • Lid minimizes smoke and smell
  • No plugs needed
  • PFOA-free
  • Please note: Not oven safe
  • Made in Japan


One stovetop steam grill with steel plate lid


15.7" x 8.2" x 3.1"


3.6 lbs


Aluminum alloy body, steel plate lid, phenolic resin handles


Hand wash, not dishwasher safe


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Cooking your food on a stovetop steam grill gives you all the benefits of a nutrient-rich steam without sacrificing that delicious, lightly-charred flavor. Uchicook is made in Sanjo, Japan, a city that has been perfecting its metalworking craft since the 1800s and this heritage shows. Each grill’s durable, aluminum body distributes and retains heat evenly—and, if you have the lid on, it cooks your food in a third of the time. Once you’ve picked your recipe, the rest is pretty hands-off. Place your ingredients on the grill without any oil to sear them, then add water to the surrounding ridge and use the lid to trap the steam. The ribbed plate drains out excess grease, the steaming prevents the food from being stripped of its essential nutrients, and the grilling gives it that flavorful, charred finish.

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