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Low Profile Stretch Belt

Low Profile Stretch Belt

by Unbelts

Lies flat Closes the waistband gap Washing-machine friendly
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  • Materials: Elastic: 72% polyester, 17% nylon, 11% spandex; Hardware: Zinc alloy
  • Care: Can be left in belt loops during washing. Machine wash cold and hang to dry. Do not iron
  • Stretches and adjusts to hips
  • Adjusts from women’s size 0 to 24X (24 - 90 inches)
  • Free of waistband gaps, keeps pants flush to skin when bending or squatting to help prevent hike-ups
  • Bulk-free buckle design remains low-profile at only an eighth of an inch thick
  • Certified B Corporation, pays fair wages to employees and ensures safe working conditions
  • Can be worn with pants, over cardigans, dresses, or tunics
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 0.125"
  • Weight: 0.16 lb
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4.5 avg. (335 reviews)

01/17/2020 by Mary
I'm not a person that wears belts, they do not help my body shape. I do have some jeans that I love but i'm always tugging on them until now! Ths belt is amazing!!!
01/09/2020 by Joanne
Great belt - and the fact that it comes in many colors is terrific. It's great for all seasons. I will certainly be ordering more.
01/04/2020 by Viola
The belt fits perfectly & is very comfortable to wear. I enjoy grommet’s products very much.
A tad too wide.
12/26/2019 by Lynn
It's a nice belt but it's a little wide to go thru my belt loops successfully.
Best belt ever!
12/26/2019 by Teresa
This belt is awesome. Buying g belts is always a pain because of the fit. This belt fits all sizes and I love it! Would highly recommend.
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Low Profile Stretch Belt

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Lies flat Closes the waistband gap Washing-machine friendly
Unbelt is a women’s stretch belt that looks great, feels comfortable, and is easy to forget you have on. It’s so slim it lies flat, closing the gap between your waistband and you. The size is adjustable and you can actually stick it in the wash if it gets dirty. Whether you want to wear it incognito under a shirt or over a tunic, Unbelt will look (and feel) good.


Besides making great-looking belts, the Unbelt company is committed to doing it in the best way possible. This certified B-Corp pays fair wages to its workers, and ensures safe working conditions for them.

Maker Claire Theaker-Brown was living in Shanghai when she founded the company, so “Made in China” means something very different in her case. It wasn’t outsourcing when the women sewing the belts lived right down the street.

Claire’s proximity to the supply chain for her materials resulted in a closer relationship with manufacturers and a careful, meticulous attention to the details of this sleek (yet comfy!) design. more Their Story