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Three Pack in Reclosable Tubes Three Pack in Reclosable Tubes

Three Pack in Reclosable Tubes

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA
  • Materials: Highly polished stainless steel
  • Includes: Three tweezers
  • Precision-ground points provide pinpoint gripping
  • Spring-tempered stainless steel keeps perfect alignment
  • Recloseable tube with threaded cap
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 5" x 3" x 0.1"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.
Made in the USA


4.5 avg. (11 reviews)

05/21/2019 by Marilyn
All I can say is Uncle Bill is a genius. Best tweezers I have ever used and the little storage tube makes it that much better. Totally pleased with this little purchase!
Great Little Item for Woodworkers
02/14/2019 by Mary Jean
My spouse has been building furniture for years and is constantly getting splinters. This has eliminated the painful digging to get splinters out. Wonderful product.
Everyone I gave one to, loves it!
05/15/2018 by Wendy
I gave away two and kept one for myself. I love having tweezers on hand whenever I need them, and since they are in their own little case, I can keep them in my purse and they don't get all linty.....
01/03/2018 by Laura
First of all, the shipping "promise" kept changing. That was purely aggravating in itself as I had hoped to use these as stocking stuffers for my family. Instead, I'm stuck with three of these things. As it turned out, I'm glad I didn't give them as gifts because I tried using one -- it's TERRIBLE! 1) These are so small that they hurt the fingers when trying to clamp down on a hair. 2) They look better in the pictures than they are in person. They look and feel cheaply made. 3) They are NO more accurate than the tweezers I already have. In fact, they are actually worse. As I mentioned in the headline -- Displeased! I think others will be, too. Can I get a refund, Grommet?
04/04/2015 by John
Very useful product
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Three Pack in Reclosable Tubes

Precision handcrafted tweezers in reclosable tubes.

Uncle Bill's Sliver Grippers

Good tweezers are a dime a dozen but a great pair of tweezers is hard to find. Mary Ann McCormick from Lark Fine Food (we featured her gourmet cookies just last month) said these were the best tweezers she has ever owned. After using them to extract a very stubborn sliver that other tweezers couldn’t grip, we have to agree.

So what makes Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper so special? Unlike conventional tweezers that are made by spot-welding two pieces of metal together, the Sliver Gripper is crafted from a single piece of spring-tempered stainless steel. The pointed tip is honed by hand so it’s unbelievably precise. The inventor, Uncle Bill, created the tweezers in his basement workshop. Today they’re manufactured in West Hartford, Conn., by a company that kept the Uncle Bill name to pay homage to his big little invention. One of Uncle Bill’s largest customers is the U.S. military — soldiers keep a pair with their dog tags. If the Sliver Gripper is good enough for use in the trenches, then you know it’s something you need to have in your first-aid kit… and in your makeup case, sewing bag and toolbox. more Their Story

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