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Uncle Bubble
MEGALOOP - Red & Blue

Create people-sized bubbles with this giant bubble wand—and we mean giant. It’s a wand and dipping pool combo that lets kids (or, be honest, you) make ultra-huge bubble tubes. And with Uncle Bubble’s unique bubble solution, the bubbles are stronger and last longer, too.

  • Comes with bubble wand, dipping pool and concentrated bubble concentrate
  • Bubble concentrate makes two liters of bubble making solution
  • Makes person-sized bubbles
  • Solution creates long-lasting, strong film that makes bubbles resistant to popping midway through wand
  • Made in Taiwan
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


14" x 14" x 4"


4.5 lbs




Keep out of direct sunlight. Wipe clean after use


Uncle Bubble

Classic bubbles get a bigger, bouncier upgrade with Uncle Bubble. They make giant bubble wands and a unique bubble concentrate that results in more kid-pleasing fun. Jack and Andy Lin are the father-son duo behind Uncle Bubble. They’ve been working on bubbly innovations for over 30 years, and their bubble solution is the foundation for all the fun. This non-toxic concentrated liquid makes stronger bubbles that are less likely to pop. It’s mixed in small batches—by hand!—by members of the Lin family only. Their wands give kids a new way to play with those bigger, bouncier bubbles. The sword-like Unbelievabubble wand has an expanding design, and the Megaloop wand and dipping pool combo creates people-sized bubble tubes. Now heading outside to blow bubbles is a whole new way to have fun.