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Urban Worm Composting Bag

Full Details

  • Materials: Fabric bag: 900D oxford nylon and nylon coil zippers; Frame: Alloy metal tubing; Connectors: Plastic
  • Breathable design promotes aerobic, earthy-smelling worm castings
  • Durable fabric has a water-resistant and breathable liner
  • Lightweight iron frame that will not bend or droop under a full load
  • Stitching is reinforced and will not tear at the seams
  • Features marine-grade zippers on the top and bottom to allow for easy feeding and harvesting
  • Worm-free harvests from the bottom save you time separating worms from the castings
  • Yields roughly of 3-5 lbs per week of worm castings
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Please note: Should be installed on a level surface to prevent leaning. The bag will be ready to harvest after about six months. Worms are not included with purchase
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 26.75'' x 26.75" x 30"
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs

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Urban Worm Composting Bag

starting at $129.00
Try composting indoors with a worm composting bin. Worms do all the work here and the conical, open-frame design of the bin promotes breathability, which keeps them happy. It’s made with water-resistant fabric that has reinforced stitching for extra durability and it sits in a lightweight frame. There’s no separating or sifting needed, just unzip the bottom of the bag to access fresh compost. Made for a Lifetime.
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The Urban Worm Company

The Urban Worm Company Maker Steve Churchill has redesigned the typical set-up for worm composting. This method works a lot like the traditional backyard approach—food waste goes in and, eventually, nutrient-rich compost comes out—but instead of relying on time and heat to do the work, worms speed up the composting process. This indoors-only approach is great for beginners or folks short on outdoor space. Steve, a veteran and pilot, discovered worm composting in 2011 and has become a well-known resource for other folks. Unlike other worm composting bins, Steve’s conical, open-frame design allows for more breathability, which is better for the worms. They start at the bottom of the bag and work their way up to the top, eating food waste and creating compost that's easy to access. No sifting or separating, just rich, natural goodness for your garden.
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