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Window Herb Planter

Sustainable Living

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  • Instructions: Add your favorite soil and preferred seeds or transplant any 4” plant into Urbz. See guide for more information
  • Attach to any smooth, non-porous surface such as windows, tiles, and mirrors
  • Reusable window attachment adheres to smooth surfaces and is movable without glue or suction cups
  • Holds up to 15 lbs
  • Drain holes and a catch basin make correct watering simple, without cluttering counters or window sills
  • Made in China
ABS plastic
To clean window attachment rinse it under cold water and allow to air dry
One planter
3" x 6" diameter
0.5 lb
Sustainable Living


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Window Herb Planter

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This window herb garden lets you grow fresh ingredients in any space. The modern, clear planter adheres to a non-porous surface (like a window, tile, or mirror) without glue or suction cups, and can easily be repositioned. Integrated drain holes and catch basin create a complete urban gardening system.


Urbz grew from the minds of Andy Bass and his wife, Maryann. Limited counter space in their tiny apartment meant they couldn’t find a spot for an herb garden, which they wanted to use as a fresh way to spice up their cooking. They looked to the window and decided to make use of that vertical space instead. When they couldn’t find a solution that was leak-proof and stayed put, they doubled down on fashioning one themselves.

Andy and Maryann brainstormed an adhesive for their dream planter that mimicks a gecko’s sticky feet. That’s why Urbz adheres strongly and can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving residue. The clear planter can thrive on windows (without the need for windowsills or hanging boxes), but it can also stick to a mirror, tile, or any other non-porous surface. Andy and Maryann’s lack of space results in high-flying herb gardens that can bloom in even the smallest of places. more Their Story