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Automatic Pot Stirrer

Automatic Pot Stirrer

Independent Maker

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  • Instructions: Press the button to activate. Press again to increase the stirring speed (3 speeds available). One final press will switch device off
  • Heat-resistant up to 248° Fahrenheit
  • Features three stirring speeds
  • Motor has five year warranty
  • Safe to use on non-stick
  • Red Dot Award Winner
  • Please note: Batteries are not included. Never leave device unattended. Not a toy, keep out of reach of children
  • Made in China
Food grade nylon legs, PP (Polypropylene) body
Legs are dishwasher safe. Wipe the body clean as necessary
Device legs and motor unit, requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
9” x 5” diameter
0.28 lb
Independent Maker


4 avg. (21 reviews)

12/07/2019 by Catherine
I was truly disappointed by this stirrer. It only seems to work for soups and think gravies. I tried it for tomato and barely moves. It doesn't really stir but moves things around some.
11/26/2019 by Peggy
This is a great little item to add to any kitchen. So many times I need to be doing two things at once...especially candy making. This time of year, it is a real help. Actually, anytime...all year long! This invention lets you do two things at the same time! It works absolutely great! I intend to get 2 more for Christmas gifts! This is a wonderful gift for the cook in any kitchen! I love it.
Extremely usseful
11/25/2019 by Penny
I used this for 4 servings of cream of wheat on the stove. I works as advertiseds freeing me up from standing in front of the stove.
Works like a charm!
11/19/2019 by Peggy
This is a great little helper in the kitchen. I make a lot of candy for Christmas, and this is a huge help! Many times the recipe will call you to do something when you should be stirring! Now my little blue stirrer will be my helper and a half! So glad I purchased this little guy...also bought one as a gift! Thanks so much!
Fun to watch and entertaining for the dog.
11/03/2019 by Willard
Title says it all. It's pretty worthless for stirring sauce or gravym
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Automatic Pot Stirrer

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This automatic pot stirrer saves time, prevents burning, and frees up your hands. With the push of a button, its dishwasher-safe, food-grade nylon legs—heat-resistant up to 248° Fahrenheit—evenly rotate around your pot or pan. Select from three speeds for the perfect prep of sauce, soup, oatmeal, gravy and more.


Üutensil was whipped up by Gavin Reay, an award-winning industrial designer. By taking a new look at everyday kitchen items, he’s driven to optimize familiar tools into upgraded essentials.

The Stirr tackles the time-consuming tasks of stovetop stirring. By incorporating automatic rotating action—in three selectable speeds—it prevents burning and frees up your hands to take on other food prep steps. The food-grade nylon legs are dishwasher-safe and heat resistant up to 248° Fahrenheit. Just turn it on, and you’re set to make a perfect pot or pan of sauce, soup, oatmeal, or gravy—without lifting another finger. more Their Story