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  • Balance Boards by Vew-Do - 1
  • Balance Boards by Vew-Do - 2

Balance Boards

by Vew-Do

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Vermont
  • Handcrafted
  • Injection molded rail system for balance on molded "rock"
  • Zippy: Intermediate board ideal for added balance training and handling
  • Concave, oval-shaped deck with rounded ends
  • Flow: Advanced performance oriented board ideal for added balance training and handling. Not for beginners
  • El Dorado: Intermediate board ideal for added balance training and handling
9-ply maplewood, hardwood tapered rock; Nub: 13 ply
Zippy: 30" x 8.25"; Flow: 28.25" x 7"; El Dorado (in packaging): 34" x 5" x 5"
Zippy: 7 lbs; Flow: 7 lbs; El Dorado: 8.39 lbs

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Made in the USA

Balance Boards

by Vew-Do

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Maplewood balance boards that can be used for recreation, fitness, and rehabilitation. Each is handcrafted in the USA and built for different skill levels to match individual needs.
Made in the USA

Brew Moscarello

When he’s not on a snowboard, Brew Moscarello is dreaming up ways to stay in shape and refine his snowboarding skills. For 22 years he’s been crafting a series of balance boards that are geared not only for off-season snowboard and skateboard training but also for anytime/anywhere recreation, fitness, and rehabilitation. If you want to add a little fun to your fitness routine, Brew’s balance boards will get you rocking and rolling your way to better balance and core strength.

Vew-Do balance boards are handcrafted in Manchester, Vermont. There are a range of styles geared for users of all ages and abilities. The Pickle Nub board is a beginner board that’s ideal for fitness, core-building, and rehabilitation. It has two egg-like "nubs" and one hull-shaped “hub” affixed to the underside of the u-shaped deck that allow the user to manipulate the board from one contact point to another.

If you’re ready for a bigger balance challenge, the Zippy board is a longtime Vew-Do classic. It has an oval-shaped deck with rounded ends and a molded “rock” that fits into the underside rail system. It’s ideal for learning edge control and handling. Likewise, Flow is an intermediate balance board but with an hourglass profile. The low-impact ride you’ll get on the Flow is great for full body conditioning.

You don’t have to be a snowboarder or skateboarder to get a rush from Brew’s balance boards. They’re challenging without being too intimidating—just what you need to inject a little fun into your fitness routine.