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Assorted Face Exfoliator Pack Assorted Face Exfoliator Pack

Assorted Face Exfoliator Pack

by ViaBuff

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Baberton, OH
  • Materials: Open cell polyurethane foam
  • Care: Machine wash with whites, do not use bleach or fabric softener, hang to air dry
  • Includes three buffs: Extra gentle, mild, and moderate. See exfoliation guide for more details
  • Patented petal design promotes rapid air drying, discouraging bacterial growth
  • Features 60% more surface area than a standard buff or loofah
  • Open cell structure creates strong lather, requiring less product
  • Lasts for three to five months, three times longer than a standard loofah
  • Dimensions: 2.5" diameter each
  • Weight: 0.056 lb
Made in the USA


4 avg. (3 reviews)

Nice combo
10/03/2018 by Terrie
Good choices to pick from to personalize ur combination.
This idea is very useful.
05/22/2018 by Linda
The via buff is easy to use and seems to be long lasting
Not great
05/14/2018 by penny
It took too much of my expensive facial cleanser to lather up with this exfoliater. That makes this product uneconomical for me to use.
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Assorted Face Exfoliator Pack

The patented petal-like design of these facial exfoliation buffs provides more surface area to clean and scrub skin, and it dries faster (and lasts longer) than typical sponges, too. This skin-pleasing trio deftly targets dry skin to leave your face feeling soft and clean.


The exfoliation buffs from ViaBuff are redesigned upgrades of the typical shower staples. Unlike traditional bath sponges and loofahs, these buffs deliver the just-right degree of exfoliation.

The customizable body buffs are Made in the USA to suit your skin to the perfect combination of exfoliation levels. Along with the trio of facial buffs, they have a patented, petal-like design that provides more surface area to cleanse and soften skin better (and create more foam). They also dry quicker, which helps thwart bacteria growth. A buff lasts around three times longer than the usual grocery store-variety, and you can even toss one in the washing machine.

ViaBuff co-founders Evan and Jamie Miller head up the family-run operation in Ohio, where the buffs are made one at a time to give you healthier, softer skin. more Their Story