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Body Exfoliator Handle Body Exfoliator Handle

Body Exfoliator Handle

by ViaBuff

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • For use in conjunction with the Custom Body Exfoliator (sold separately)
  • Made in the USA: Baberton, OH
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Instructions: Separate the two colors of foam to expose the silicone band in the center, push the handle into the ViaBuff’s core and secure the silicone band to the lip on the handle.
  • Includes: One 18” buff handle and one extra silicone band
  • Perfect for exfoliating hard-to-reach places such as your back and feet
  • Dimensions: 18" x 1" x 0.25"
  • Weight: 0.2 lb
Made in the USA


2 avg. (9 reviews)

Love it
05/31/2019 by Debbie
Perfect for the exfoliating sponge. I can reach all parts of my back
Doesn't stay on.
02/13/2019 by Bev
I love the exfoliator, but the handle doesn't stay on and pops off at any pressure applied so useless.
Won’t Stay On Handle
12/29/2018 by Sharon
Love the buff but I can’t keep it on the handle. There must be a better way of attaching the buff to the handle. Keep working on it!
It Had One Job … and Failed
11/06/2018 by Stuart
This was one of the most discouraging purchases I’ve made from The Grommet. The ViaBuff's look and feel were great, but actually using it with the handle was another matter. The buff attaches to the handle with just a rubber band and doesn’t stay on. Scrubbing with the slightest pressure causes the buff to come off the handle. Almost every shower, I had to go through the annoying ritual of reattaching it. After two months, the buff itself split in half.
worked for awhile....
10/05/2018 by Rosalinda
After reading the low ratings for this item, I email the company about the item and why it didn't work the way it was meant to. Owner said these people wasn't using the right silicone band (the smaller one is intended to be the right one, while the larger one is used to hang the scrubber). Okay, I ordered this handle and assembled as instructed. I thought this was great - except that it only last a couple weeks. Now, the scrubber continues to slip off despite the shorter silicone band is attached. Owner said they will do a new video showing how to use the shorter silicone band. I personally feel they need to revise the handle to make this permanently work. I think the handle is heavy and I did struggle to scrub my back.
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Body Exfoliator Handle

Fit this handle onto a ViaBuff exfoliation buff to treat even hard-to-reach skin for better cleansing and softening.


The exfoliation buffs from ViaBuff are redesigned upgrades of the typical shower staples. Unlike traditional bath sponges and loofahs, these buffs deliver the just-right degree of exfoliation.

The customizable body buffs are Made in the USA to suit your skin to the perfect combination of exfoliation levels. Along with the trio of facial buffs, they have a patented, petal-like design that provides more surface area to cleanse and soften skin better (and create more foam). They also dry quicker, which helps thwart bacteria growth. A buff lasts around three times longer than the usual grocery store-variety, and you can even toss one in the washing machine.

ViaBuff co-founders Evan and Jamie Miller head up the family-run operation in Ohio, where the buffs are made one at a time to give you healthier, softer skin. more Their Story