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Bluetooth Connected Illuminated Smart Mirror

This Bluetooth smart mirror does a lot more than just reflect back. It plays music, takes calls, shines LED lights, and even has anti-fog technology so it’s always clear (even after a steamy shower).

  • Features: Dual side speakers, master on/off switch, microphone for hands-free phone calls, LED surround lighting, and anti-fog setting
  • Front of the mirror has touch controls for LED lighting, Bluetooth pairing, and anti-fog
  • Can connect to speakers via Bluetooth 4.0 or auxiliary audio port
  • Can use permanent plug or charging port for 6 hours of battery life
  • Chargeable battery frees up outlets for other uses
  • Anti-fog technology makes mirror ready to use right after showering
  • Mount anywhere with wedge lock easy mounting bracket


One Bluetooth-connected illuminated smart mirror and charging cord


Vezzo: 24" x 32"; Vero: 30" diameter x 2.5"; Vetta: 24" x 64" x 2.5"


Vezzo: 29 lbs; Vero: 23 lbs; Vetta: 46 lbs


Glass, solid wood backing, LED lighting, electronics



Viio is a music-playing, light-casting, fog-fighting Bluetooth smart mirror. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth (or an aux cord), so you can take a call, play your favorite songs, or listen to the morning news as you’re getting ready. You can use it right after a steamy shower—its anti-fog technology lets the mirror heat up to the room’s dew point and stay clear. Then you can just tap to turn on the bright, LED lights. These frame the mirror to give you an extra sharp reflection. One of our teammates who tried Viio out said the lights were as effective as using a magnifying mirror. And you’d never guess this beautiful, sleek mirror is so high tech. Its clean, minimalist design complements your existing décor seamlessly.