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  • Luno Active Sitting Ball Chair by Vivora - 1

Luno Active Sitting Ball Chair

by Vivora

Full Details

  • Multipurpose, aesthetically gorgeous, and ergonomically designed
  • Ideal for home, office, or daily fitness routines including balance training, yoga, or Pilates
  • Activates back and core muscles which improves posture and can relieve back pain
  • Soft and elegantly stitched
  • Durable carry handle
  • Please note: Do not inflate the inner ball with anything other than the provided hand pump or a similar manual hand-pump tool
  • Made in China
Polyester cover, PVC inner ball. Covers for Lacewood, Beechwood, and African Wenge designs include polyurethane
Cover, inner ball, hand pump, air plugs, plug pullers
Anthracite, Clay, Marble, Pacific, Barley, and Charcoal designs: Cover is machine washable. Air-dry only; Lacewood, Beechwood, and African Wenge designs: Wipe clean with a moist, soapy cloth
25.6 x 25.6" diameter
Weight (varies)
4 - 6 lbs


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Luno Active Sitting Ball Chair

by Vivora

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Multipurpose and ergonomically designed · Soft and elegantly stitched · Activates back and core muscles
The Luno Active Sitting Ball Chair is a beautiful, luxury ball seat that activates your core muscles for a dynamic sitting experience. Sitting on a Luno engages your abdominal and leg muscles, which will tone and strengthen those muscles over time. In turn, this encourages proper posture and provides much-needed relief throughout the back while seated.
Small Business Support


The Lumo active sitting ball chair was created by the team at Vivora that was so done with standard-issue office chairs. Full of energy and eager for movement, they tried sitting on the floor, creating standing desks from cardboard boxes, and reaching for yoga balls to add motion to their day. They liked the idea of the yoga ball and how it kept them moving, but it’s overall look and function left them unimpressed. And so they began their quest to create the ultimate active sitting ball that provided all the same benefits of a yoga ball, but with multi-tasking design upgrades that look great in any setting.